Sovereign World Purchase

I am curious how long it takes to receive an email confirmation once you purchase a sovereign world? My mom purchased one yesterday and the money is pending, but she still has not received an email about it, it’s been about 20 hours now and still no email. Is this normal? Or is it possible something has gone wrong? We have purchased worlds in the past (when the sovereigns first came out), and had our emails within a couple of hours.

The email, in my experience, is almost instant. You might need to contact the support email.

That was what I was wondering, thank you.

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I know you probably will have already, but check spam folders just on the off chance the email ended up there!

yes, that was the first thing i had her do was check spam, and then do a search for it. She has sent an email, and got a confirmation for her support email. that confirmation say’s that support is running slow until the 10th, so we’re thinking that may be the cause of it.

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