Sovereign Worlds Sneak Peek

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Oort Waves are back after a break because of the new exciting update (sovereign worlds), showing some basics around how controlling/editing of the world looks like and throwing a choice of views from my planet for taste.

Starring: me, @james.
Location: Arbrae-Dorance (T4 Lush Sovereign World; testing universe).


Take me with you! :sob:

Also “James broke my world” is a fantastic name for a Boundless power ballad :laughing: :microphone:

Great video!


I took @wakeNbake yesterday and we have a guild :joy:

So, you are very welcome to join too. :sunglasses: I’m about to get online now.


If I didn’t have to leave for work right now I would join you. Would love to continue improving your beautiful view of my giant tower of silk yellow refined gleam!


there will be more worlds to upgrade with gleam dil… towers :grin:

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But it’s no fun unless I do it on someone elses world. Next I will bless you with giant silk yellow hunt platforms :wink:


:video_game: :sob:

I resent my PlayStation so much right now.

But enjoy and get screen shots for all us lowly console players haha


In that case.

Some of the locations I liked on Boundmores world


what about that old PC of yours?

It’s had it’s day, barely even connects to the internet. Just gathers dust in the corner and occasionally gets used with my scanner/printer :laughing:

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Without raining on the parade or being that guy, that name is somewhat stereotypical and in bad taste.

Obviously I don’t know your ethnicity but showcasing new things under that name could send out entirely the wrong message as well as distract people from what you want them to see e.g. the rental worlds.

That’s Obviously just my view but what might be tongue in cheek or even innocent to you can come across differently than intended. For me you might as well have just called him Hugh gwang etc


Well, it’s only a take on innocent kids talk I heard, but maybe you are right and better not to have it out since people wouldn’t know where I come from with it…
It’s not seen in the video I think, so I will just remove it from the original post.

no worries, I have a magic umbrella for that anyway :grin:


Its why I mentioned it. People get upset at things that are based on unintentional and innocent small things without realising it could offend.

Don’t be disheartened or put off though, the video was otherwise excellent and I’m not offended and hope its prevented anyone else being :slightly_smiling_face:, after all we don’t want those forum flags to start being pressed

Edit: I would suggest that you ask for this to be locked, or if you add a new video let me know and I will delete my comments- as this could potentially get off topic or get the wrong type of attention for what I’m sure was something intended to be helpful and positive


we are fine as it is

good example of respectful and civil intervention for everyone and how to present different points of view without making it personal or misusing flagging system :sunglasses: