Spark generator limit breaker?

So playing around with my spark generator found out I can link two sets of 16 together. Now I’m wondering is is it possible to link them in a way to bypass the spark link limit. Could potentially run a whole town in this manner.

There’s already a town that has a spark system for it. Tho it’s a small town. Don’t remember the name of it but it’s where the hubbit network is on sorissi iirc. And once you hit the “cap” you can place down a generator add a tiny bit of spark to it and the rest follows. At least it worked that way for me back in oct

I also have two towers powering my shop, though it took me a couple rebuilds to make it so that every machine can see all of the spark.

In a sense it’s more limiting as when you link two generators, or sets, there can only be 100 links between them.

The limit is actually 100 links per side though, now i have them on a closed loop and both sides of the loop are 90+ links.