Speaking of gleambow remnants

Looking to buy any amounts at all of the following colors in ANY gleambow remnants or forgotten storage …

Everything from trunk, timber, grass, mould, growth, tangle, thorns, gathered plants, boulders etc

Will even take amounts as small as single digits.

Let me know what you have and what your price is

Thank you everyone!! <3<3<3
Not looking for rock/stone unless it’s a decent amount.

Colors :
Any shade of slate
Any shade of mustard
Shadow Violet

I’ve wandered shops and will continue to do so, but thought this might speed the process.


I have 200 white ghost flowers, 200 white twisted wood and 300 white twisted timbers left out of my white stuff lol any of those sound interesting

I will check the others now

Absolutely … give me a price on the lot please. My builds are not very big so thankfully I don’t need huge numbers.
Thank you so much for taking the time to look :slight_smile:

Oh I was reminded today I have a boatload of rose gleam. I gave away most of my gleambow block collection though. I’d be unlikely to have any of the others.

If they’re not getting ground into the minter I’ll sell a couple stacks. This comes on an event planet and I farmed the heck out of it, I’ll sell you a couple stacks for cheap. I mean, I just charged someone 2c/block for some today.

I’m dming you a list for slate lol

Thank you, let me know if you have them still. The rose is for a friend :slight_smile:

Sweet. Will watch for it

Oh yeah I donated a chunk of what I had to cookie kingdom and I’ve made some small sales but I’ll sell another 2 stacks of this for 2c /block.


After that I might be talked into some more “market appropriate” offers :thinking:

Works for me.
Catch up with you tomorrow?
It’s midnight here
I’ll be crashing soon
Thank you SO much for looking … and being willing to part with some

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No problem I’ll be around PM if you like.

I’m sitting here wondering right now what treasures I might have mindlessly sold today :rofl:

It’s good though the buyer was appreciative and they’ll end up where I like things to go which is decorating people’s builds.

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I have minted a TON of stuff that I later found out was worth much much more.
If the seller and buyer are happy … who cares what the price or trade is.
Thank you again for looking … I’ll poke you tomorrow

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Probably me too. I gave away a ton of gleambow/exo stuff because I was tired of worrying about it.

That’s my whole process as well like it can literally live on a shelf getting “dusty” 4ever or get rehomed lol feel like I should make a random item shelter(like an animal shelter) have a big sign saying adopt these blocks and love them forever


I find a shade I like and I can’t let go of it. Even if that item is a stack of three

I mean, what am I EVER going to use 3 on? hugs it to her Nope , not getting rid of it


myyyy precious

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Huge thanks to both @Nightstar and @Foxx449
Thank you for making this old oortian giggle with glee at all the new
:oort_apost: :oort_d: :oort_o: :oort_r: :oort_apost:

@majorvex Post can be closed :slight_smile: