Special Boon AOE

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What happened:

  1. (After gaining Damage Boon from Effect Boon) Use Special Boon
  2. Points given for Lvl 1 Aoe
  3. Roll again
  4. Get Lvl 2 Aoe, forge randomly takes away lvl 2 and randomly places it on damage effect boon
  5. Try again
  6. Happens again

(Am not using anything unique, just gums and compound boon 3. Will try a fresh forge to see if this happens again)

I’ve had the same thing happen to me. So annoying.

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Weird thing is, I can’t get it to do it again lol
good for me, but bad for reporting it

From what I’ve seen talked about typically in that instance there is a desynch condition between the client and the server. The client predicts the outcome of the roll but once the server info catches up the actual result is displayed.