Specialize Brew Makers?

Looking to Buy 2 SS of Each

  • Mega Aggravating Brews

(T7 Hunts)

  • Mega Calming Brews

(T7 Hunts)

  • Mega Instant Recovery Brews

(Used when Hunting with Teaching Pie)

  • Mega Cleansing Brews

(I prefer these over bombs)

  • Super Luminous Brews


  • Rage Brews

(Underrated I do use these)

  • Focus Brews

(Underrated I do use these)

I don’t see Anyone making these brews since [illuminauty] I’m finally Running Low I would request more but I don’t think there as cheap as they were back then lol

Please be fair with price I love you forever and I’ll be a frequent customer when I start running low again :cookie: :heart:

(I described my uses so you know I’m not reselling any brew, in the shopstands in the kingdom is beyond expensive on purpose lol)


if you haven’t had any takers for this over the weekend, I’ll get my brew shops restocked next week. Have my daughter’s wedding interrupting gaming time this weekend :slight_smile:

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It’s times like this where I wish I still had Deen’s Kitchen…

Good luck finding someone. Those are definitely some niche uses

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I will check the recipes and my supplies when I get home. I may be able to help with most of these. And it will help me clear out some of my hoarded mats.

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I can make for you. I have the ingredients. Just have to craft


Yesh please just let me know how much all together boop

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So how much you think for all of it

775,000c for 2 SS of each

I took the average price of each from BUTT

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And they are ready. I won’t be able to be in game until after 1pm CST today

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(O.O) I don’t have that much Raincheck Boop!

I miscalculated one of the prices. So grand total is 684,000
Super Luminous 1800 x 110c =198000
Mega Cleansing 1800 x 85c = 153000
Mega Calming 1800x 50c = 90000
Mega Instant Recovery 1800 x50 = 90000
Mega Aggravating 1800 x 30c = 54000
Rage Brew 1800 x 20c = 36000
Focus Brew 1800 x 35c = 63000
Total 684000c

If you don’t want the brews I’m going to put them in shop stands at Tipsie Kipsie’s for sale at the same price. So you can purchase however much you want or can afford. There is a portal to Tipsie Kipsie’s in TNT Megahub.

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