Speculation Time

I’ve made a few observations (hopefully valid) about the backstory in this game and I wanted to see what others thought about them. For one, I think whatever happened to the Oort was very terribly sad. I’m basing that on the graveyards everywhere, weaponized animals that attack everything, and the truly melancholic soundtrack.
It looks like the precursors engineered weapons genetically. In the hoppers case, out of an existing animal. In the case of the cuttletrunks, it looks an awful lot like an independent abomination. I base this on the nature of the glyphs that represent the hoppers and cuttletrunks. the hopper glyph is closer to the wildstock glyph, whereas there’s only one thing comparable to the cuttletrunk glyph - the glyphs on the ancient corruption. This implies to myself, a certain level of corruption that may have been reached by creating something that attacks every person that gets near it, with what looks like advanced genetics. I think the Oort were at war with each other, and ultimately wiped out by the very weapons they engineered.

Thanks, devs, for the mystery. Also for the food for thought in what you’ve created.


and add titans to that - it makes an interesting story (or potential for a lot of different cool ideas)

Uhhh I love Lore * _ * ( and procrastinating at work, but that is a different topic :3 )
from what we can see in the game world I think the ancients accidently opened a gateway to some nasty place
in the past when they experimented with the oortian method of teleportation. Think about meteors opening gates and the “rift” strike.
They made gates through space/time and teared up some fabric dividing two different planes. I do not believe they are responsible for the monsters creation but were driven away from their ancestors worlds by a cataclysmic event which they are themselves responsbile for.
We are their descendants spread across a universe that is now open to some corrupted dimensional plane.