Speed and efficiency coils

Power coils right now are pulling triple duty - besides increasing power level, they also decrease crafting times and spark costs. What if those functions were split up between three different coil types instead? So you’d have power coils (which now just add power), speed coils (which reduce crafting time), and efficiency coils (reduced spark costs). And there would be a progression - efficiency (base metal tier) to speed (precious metal tier) to power (gem tier).

Some nice things that would come from this:

  • Give players on lower tiers some more interesting things to do
  • Helps address the whole “crafting times are too long” concerns by making reduced crafting times accessible earlier in the progression
  • Makes it more obvious that it’s possible to reduce crafting times and spark costs. I think it’s not obvious enough to new players that power coils do this in the current system.
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How would you you get all 3? There wouldn’t be enough room. So you’d have to give up shorter crafting times with things that require power.

Forging at max efficiency wouldn’t be possible anymore.

And with adv coils ranging from 2k-2500 it’s not hard for low level people to just buy them anymore.

The forge doesn’t use spark or reduce crafting times with more power, so that point doesn’t stand. You’d still just use power coils for the forge.

Ahh I figured forge times would be shorter. But it still applies to the other machines.

Well I’m not an expert on coils but I think currently you don’t need a full set of power coils for the top recipes, so there is room to add extras.

Second maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having to make a trade-off, you can customize your machines for your needs.

Finally if necessary they can rebalance by adding more power to coils or lowering recipe requirements.

Also you can swap out coils as needed. Makes crafting a bit more active.

Iirc the newer blocks benefit from max coils but the others don’t. But everyone complains about crafting times especially on the higher end stuff.

Also how would they be made? Would there be different spark saving ones for each machine etc?

This would benefit low lvl players with no coils but be bad for people who already have what they need

Hmm, I think the highest power requirements I’ve seen (mind you I haven’t crafted everything) is 3000 so 10 advanced coils. Room for 14 other types after that :thinking:. Idk, I like the idea of reducing crafting times even more, but at the same time the current coils already do it pretty efficiently, to a point, while reducing the spark cost as well. I’m not sure I’d like to see the recipe list of all the different coil types for each machine with metal variations though :smiley:

If you put more than the required power you save spark and time. But on the older blocks it stops at 14adv coils. But I could have sworn craft times were shorter at the max 24 on the newer blocks.

I for one would have a lot of coils that I would need to sell if something like this happened. Or I guess make an even bigger workshop. Even tho I already feel it’s too big :joy:

Maybe they could use the gift system to give players with existing power coils some of the other types of coils to compensate for the change?

Or I guess if it’s really too disruptive of a change, maybe this would be a good alternative:

  • Base metal: Efficiency
  • Precious metal: Efficiency + Speed
  • Gem: Efficiency + Speed + Power (same as now)

I think it would be less interesting gameplay wise but it would avoid forcing people to have to redo their existing workshops

I think for the lower tiers it’s alright for it to be just one type that works for all machines. Only gem coils need to color match.

The highest is 6800 for a Helix power coil


I think it’s actually an intriguing idea, but people already complain about complexity and that will make a simple system complex. 🤷

@Havok40k had shared with me how early on when they were starting to create the machines we had that he and others pushed a more component type design. One of the 4 blocks we had would be a power component, etc. So you could piece together different components to create your machine instead of them all being the same. He probably could explain it better…

Recently I had suggested to James that they revamp the whole machine line because it was crazy with all the recipes in each machine. It made no more sense and that they should add more machines that are aligned better to all the things we have.

I wish they had the time to revamp the whole system because I think it would be much better to have a mix of true components making up a machine an many more machines to create what we have for all the recipes.