Spicing things up

So we are guaranteed some up close slapping contests, the ability to launch rocks at creatures, and setting everything on fire is sure to happen with all the talk of magic.

Now I want to talk about hybrid weapons and unique combat styles.

This isn’t for suggesting weapons necessarily, but how they will be used.

My first idea is a trapper fighting style, and I’m merely trying to see how far this will go, because I probably wouldn’t make a great trapper.

Obviously you won’t run up to people and poke them in the eyes, instead you will have to construct a trap whether it is on the ceiling, the walls or the ground.

I also think the trapper should have lures to ensure that something gets caught, but I don’t mean for you craft a specific lure for each animal, what I mean is for there to be some programming in a creature that attracts it naturally to certain grasses or blocks or whatever.

The reason I suggest this is that you should be just as capable in a PVE environment as a PVP environment.

A player might be attracted by shiny things and cow might want to look at a patch of dirt.

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Well you can (easily) make ground traps, like fake blocks, with get destroyed when anything gets over them, spike tramps, (coming out the ground while anything gets over them), they can even be in the end of that fake blocks XD more kill

And food, other carcass and that kind of things coul work for pve, and for pvp the same things could work, + chests, or loot bags.

And you can even make explosive tramps, or even warp/portal tramps wich will teleport anything to one point (on the same or other worlds) Well that are just my ideas XD

Another idea which I think would be hilarious would be a launcher style, literally like an archer except with catapults and trebuchets and more of that sort of thing.

Rather than have to construct a new launcher every time you want to shoot, I believe there should be a set up time almost like watching a transformer do it’s thing or those artillery tanks in starcraft setting up for longer range.

Maybe give it two modes, one that is mobile but lacks the range of normal ranged weapons, and the set up mode where it has exceptional range to bombard your enemies while they scramble around in confusion.

And I intend for this to be an explosive playstyle.

I find this super interesting, cause it would mean u would have to study or observe how an animal\creature behaves in its environment. Based on this one could start to interact with it. Tame it, trap it, feed it with the right (or wrong) food. Experiment with a creature, mod it, combine items with it. E.g. - give a toad magical wings. Or give every existing pet a pair of wings. Flybuddies. Swarm behaviour. But this would mean a vast amount of work. Somehow I get the feeling I’m only nudging. I should be considering more details and complexity in the ideas I have (which are often inspired by other games, as it may seem and as it may be, as a matter of fact).

This has gone from Trapper to Tamer and I like that you evolved one style into the next, I’m sure plenty of people want to capture some pets.

As a play style, I’d like to see a sniper.
You would have a long range kinda magic, but very low mobility when that magic is equipped.
Really low rate of fire, but super high damage on each hit. Your primary struggle would be making sure your enemy doesnt spot you, because if they do it will be pretty hard for you to deal any damage. To reduce the effectiveness of snipers so they aren’t op they should have a really flashy kinda magic (think bright flash with a very visible tracer). The snipers would have less than perfect accuracy however, to keep them from just picking off a dozen hostile mobs at range then moving in to collect loot. I think something like 90% would be enough to keep the pretty close to their opponents, but still give them a nice little buffer.

Second Play style I’d personally like to see is a flow one. (nicknamed the shotgun ninja)
Short range magic attacks (think shotty) coupled with a difficult but rewarding mobility complex.
Most of their skills would consist of different sorta parkour maneuvers. From forward rushes to larger side jumps to double jumps to air dashes, It should be a very mobile and quick kinda playstyle. It would be hard to play this style with armor because your attacks consist of getting very close to people and then retreating, so you would be limited to lighter armors. Again, lower(ish) firerate coupled with higher damage, but with very low accuracy and a bunch of scatter.

My thoughts on a trapper playstyle are a little bit different…
The trapper would have very high mobility, but super limited attack. I was thinking that they should have traps that consist of defining a region with 3 special blocks that effects the enemy differently depending on which attacks you have selected. You could just deal damage, or you could deal status effects to your opponents.
This class would be super weak against ambushes because of how their trapping skills function, but I think they could actually be very good in head to head combat because they could have very good area control.