Spire [Another Game we could learn from]

And now I present SPIRE another indie game that is looking pretty sweet. Their game isn’t anything like oort, or even as far along in the dev process, but I love the way they’ve made the combat and magic look and feel. Something similar to this is what I would love to see from oort in terms of magic and all combat for that matter. Lots of stylization, but not to the point of excess.

Rando Explosion (not sure if this gif will work)

They also do character progression through a bunch of jewels on the character’s hands, and I thought that was a very neat way to show character progression. Maybe not applicable to oort (because this game is a randomly generated dungeon crawler), but neat nonetheless.

Enemy attacks

Finally Here’s a bit of the combat in action

What I really love about this is that there is a lot of mobility in wall running and speed. There is some really cool looking affects for the attacks. Maybe not oort’s style, but if we did something similar The game could be pretty epic. The other things noticeable is that the enemy is large and destroying the terrain. Also that the character switches magic attacks by switching from a staff to some sort of explosive tome launcher (so cool XD)
Assuming our terrain regenerates automatically, there is the definite possibility that enemy attacks could destroy blocks. Minecraft had this in the form of creepers. If most enemies could destroy blocks when fighting, we could get some very dramatic, epic and dynamic fights that wreck the terrain around where the enemies spawned. This would be fine because the landscape regenerates.

Anyways I’m not trying to plug for this game, I’m just trying to bring up some awesome looking and feeling (at least I think because the game is also still in dev) gameplay elements that could be used for oort.
When I was saying I wanted a magic only combat system I was thinking of this specifically because of how cool it looked.
[edit] Sorry the gifs dont work D:


Yes, that combat looks like the combat in Oort could be as well. May be not so fast from the beginning in wallrunning or gliding, but that can come with better equip in higher tiers. Also I liked to see that thing in the last short animation which destroyed the arch with it’s beam. Such could work well in Oort as a voxel game as well. Good inspiration, dude :wink:

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