Splitting stacks and auto swinging


Not sure if this is a known ongoing problem or if others are having the issue. I’m on PS4, for ref.

Ever so often I’ll just randomly start swinging my hand. This happens on tools, food, and blocks, (edit and snowballs) but not the fist, grapple or slingbow
I have either been just standing around for a bit, or actively using the tool, or intermittedly switching which one I’m using when it starts up.
This is only happening with my right hand.

When this happens, items in my inventory auto split when I run my cursor over them. I have to hit triangle to put them back before anything else. Happens in both smart stacks, and about half the time with a single stack. I don’t know why only some of those auto split. Maybe I didn’t run the cursor over it enough.

This will sometimes fix itself with time (usually a long time) only to start up again shortly after. But most of the time I have to shut down and restart and hope it doesn’t happen again.
I’ve also tried switching controllers while it’s doing this, which does not fix it.
Strangely this does not happen to my husband, and we are usually on together and in the same place.


It’s been mentioned in this other forum topic:

Some players appear to have found some surefire ways of getting this to occur, which was what we needed in order to try and fix the issue.


Awesome. I did notice that thread seems to be all PC users. Will a fix be coming in for PS4 as well then?


Fixes should be across all platforms generally.