Spoilers and nice things :)

So looking through some files i have pulled out some… nice looking interesting things…


Le Handgun? http://gyazo.com/2f38d8ad2d2b083e818debaed95ae557

Second Maybe the titan thing or the begginings of a character.?


Wanna Have some err Barcon


It looks like a Mad Nail of some sort…



In the start of the game we had a handgun and a slingshot, then they removed the gun, and then now they changed the slingshot to a bow.

the third picture is the mohawk pig that we have seen before XD

the 2 others i am not used enough to seeing things like that to determine what it is.

i have not beeen aware of the pig yet

its on the main site as a picture. cant get onto the site atm though.

i think i remember it being shown in the video about ice also. waaay back. lemme try to see if i can find it.


It is on the sit but its just a concept, that however is an actual textured thing which i found

ey @ben @james give me a hand? i remember the team playing around with the iceblocks in a small seperate world, in that world we could also see the apples dropping and i am pretty sure i remember seing the pigs.

is that just me that is off?

They showed them in the “developers showing stuff” video :slight_smile: I love the design of the pig and hope they add it again later

i want the mohawk pig as a mount xD

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Ppftt, im still waiting on the “character variants” they showed off months ago :confused:


Patience young padawan, good things come to people who wait. :relieved:

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They’re placeholder assets that we’ve used whilst developing the game. There shouldn’t really be any surprises in there. Sometimes the game contains an asset (the pig for example) but it doesn’t get used. Only in development. Everything will get cleaned out eventually. It’s a bit like removing the scaffolding from your building site towards the end of development.


but… i want to have a mohawk pig… its such an awesome design, please dont leave that out QQ

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Maybe we’ll use it then. We have a long list of creatures in development.


Yes. much appreciated. i honestly thought it was absolutely brilliant. i just love the overall look, it doesnt look really creepy but on the other hand it doesnt look tame either, you guys managed to get a nice balance going for it. i think it is fine if you have some obvious creatures, but judging from what i have seen, it looks like you are focusing on making hte creatures more unique than most games does :smiley: