Spooky Colors Not Matching Up To Trellis

Anyone Having Issues With Spooky Seeds When They Are Ready For Harvest?

I have 255 trellis all with there own colors. When seed matures I’m getting different color of the bats/spider of what the trellis color.is.

Example: Trellis Color is bright lime and the bat is bright yellow

This has happen with at least 8 colors

Any Help Is Appreciated.

It’s like goo, there’s a 20% or so chance of getting a neighbouring colour.


it is probably even higher than 20% mutation from my experience.


Try five trellises of the same color in a row …
… plant your seeds and wait for the bats to mature.
Then you might understand the :boundless: RNG coloring feature in action :+1: :wink:

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bats mutated like spiders and goo, even if you plant 10 seeds at 10 same color trelises you can get 10 different bats :smiley: its the chance of getting color you dont have :slight_smile: