Spooky Guide

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With Halloween upon us, here is a guide/refresher on how to get what’s needed.


Do you have a run down and how to make the spiders/bats and other event collectibles?

Showing how to make all items. Starts with the decorative ones, then brews, and bat/spider farming is in the end.

Sorry I mean the growing aspect for bats and spiders bro, doesn’t state what it grows on or if anyone boosts it up or anything :grimacing: asking because I forgot any maybe other people might have also lol :joy:

Edit: sorry I seen it in the video now haha :joy: my bad

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No worries. So I hope you got info u needed.

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Great video very informative. Helped a lot :blush:

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Check out Farm school it has examples of both


And it’s on.

Enjoy the spooky harvest everyone.
Rosettas and fungi are ripe.


Hey @boundmore im just setting this up, is the colour of trellis determine the colour of the crop?
im wanting to make all 255 colours so would i need to create it just like you explained or can i do it in a row kinda thing and not put the extra supporting blocks around one side so i can extend the trellis all the way to the end of my plot kinda thing?

Yes trellis decides about the color.
If you remove one side supporting blocks to have continuous line there will be a lot of blocks with less yield (below 200%).
You might mitigate that by putting extra supporting blocks above the trellis, the way I put the single block of gleam in the video. But it will have to be 3-wide line just like trellis.

The easiest way is to have line of 9 trellis groupings though. So with the 2 line break between.

yeah ill have to check it out once this rubber-banding decides to chill out

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