Sport your LED creations


So, they are here. They are no red stone but they are first automated thingy in Boundless that you can program to work any way you want.

I’m curious what you will come up with.
Here are first two made by me, just a quick and humble start of a bigger adventure.


I dotted the currently under development, Waverly Bluffs Tablet Skyscraper, with my first 30 LEDs. (Opening as soon as we get more furnishings.) :grinning:


Someone bought thousands of tech from me. soooo, SOMETHING big is coming! =D


I burnt nearly 1000 remnants and some 500 metal bars so far myself - and 1 titanium chisel (2800 durability) nearly gone from all the programming :roll_eyes:

Here’s a tunnel I built today:


just got 200 time to show how its done :smile:


I think I found who may have bought them… is currently building a giant disco ball


We had Gleam Towers Era and now it’s time for LED Towers Era.
Just wait…

10800 remnants, 7200 metal bars and 3600 refined gleam = 5000 LED blocks = Disco Tower


I’ll give it another week before I put my remnants up for sale.

Supply and demand FTW.


its pretty hard @boundmore so i added some extra’s



Replace that bird with a roadrunner and the bear with wildstock and you have it perfect. :sunglasses: