Spot where you can get stuck bug

Can get stuck at this location
-1498 -406 alt77 sorissi

This part here?

Yeah right below that bit there. You can walk into the corner (standing on the black floor) and get stuck

I’m not getting stuck anywhere. Could you highlight the problem area if possible? Thanks.

I know what it is, there are no problem in that spot. Now, don’t come back again, before I get really mad!!

Gotta love clear and concise statements that say nothing , therefore I’m assuming that this is a joke …good one :slight_smile:

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A bad joke but not from me sir :wink:

If it is a chiseled spot… it can happen.
Oortian toes tend to get stuck on little chiseled parts😉
Got stuck during hunt on a slope chiseled soil block. Looking at my toon he was trying to fly. :joy::rofl::joy:

Lol now I’m wondering what dupix said



I said legit things for being the owner of the settlement in question and knowing what the issue was. But none devs asked me about that while they were there runing arround, being silent and dissepeard. Letting me behind with me like “huh, what’s going on in my settlement now???”.

And that scenario repeats itself duing 4 days in a row, wich leads me to be very angry by the fourth day. Not to mention the fact that I always wave to visitors in my settlement and none wave back. Some people will say, “hey dude don’t say silly things like that, it’s just a game”.
Well, it may be just a game, but they are reals persons behind each avatar and my personality is reflected through it.

If I say hello to someone I met irl or someone I’m chating with by mail or in social network, the other person will say hello back. Simple fact. Then it’s just logic that I expect the same in Boundless. On the other hand, if you don’t show me simple respect that we all deserves as we are all equal in my eyes as human beings, then I’ll just act the same as you.

That’s why the fourth day when Vdragon appeard again in my settlement, I ran directly to him and hit him with my totem and locked him in blocks until he understood that he wasn’t welcome anymore in my settlement.

Message to all people who flags others just to fullfil their void and that need of feeling powerful. Try to understand the whole thing and what leads to some people saying that and that before acting like a robot.

As far as I concern, end of story. Have a good day you all.


At the time, I didn’t have my headphones on, so it could be possible I didn’t hear the sound being accompanied by the emote as I was doing a quick check based on the information given by @DKPuncherello. But sure, I can wave back next time :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you :slight_smile:


it reminds me of something :thinking:

Very wel said #respect

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