From messing around in game w/ my steam controller, I’m starting to think that sprint is pretty tedious:

  • There’s no stamina penalty (yet?)
  • Gamepad controls require that you hold down the left stick to sprint, which gets tiring pretty fast

Couple ideas:

  1. Implement sprint on gamepads as a toggle, or Gears of War style (press the left stick: you sprint until you stop moving). Or a key binding (could set up the joystick to sprint near the extremes)

  2. Just remove sprint all together (and maybe bump up the default speed).

Honestly, I think I’m in favor of #2: We’ve still got the ability to creep when we want more precise movement, and we’ve got grappling hooks, hook shots, and other future toys for more efficient movement. Might be nice to have one less mechanic to juggle

how will #2 work out for people filming their gameplay/scenery?


i really dont think removing it is a good idea at all.

for the problem… why is it any different to hold down W on the keyboard and to hold down the left stick on the controller? they are currently playing around with optimizing how it works, so i guess its good you mentioned it :smiley:


I’m not sure but I think he means pressing the stick to activate running while pushing the stick in the direction you want to move.

Bit just mapping the sprint to a better button would solve that so I don’t really see a problem.

Didn’t the steam controller even give you the ability to make your own mapping?

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That’s regular movement

To sprint on the keyboard, you double tap forward. The controller binding is to both angle the stick and to push it down (which requires a fair bit of force) at the same time

I can bind the controller to wasd, and then do the double tap forward that way, too - it also requires a lot of movement.

(There’s no way to map to a multiple key sequence)

I think sprinting next to normal fast walking is important, cuz if you want to make a charge (for a cost of stamina later, I hope) it is imprtant to have such function. The idea of single-press the stick to switch to running til you stop (or lower your speed) is the best way to make it more comfortable (Most games I know use that as well (MGS5 or FO4 for example).

I think there should be different movement options…

Wow for example.
you could hit a button and have it walk or another button where it could toggle normal speed so you don’t have to hold it.

Then there are extra ways to get more speed like mounts… In this game how about just boots… even if it isn’t much faster or whatever. Just the idea. Or maybe like skyrim/other games really where like the more you hold on you the slower you are.

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I’ll just say that I think that double tapping W for sprint is the worst thing in this game right now


Then you must have very few complaints and think the game is already at a near-release polish :wink:

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My avatar could turn and reach out through my monitor and punch me IRL in the mouth
and i’d say
“OW, but at least It isn’t as bad as double tap W for sprint!”


I´m also all in favour of a separate key that activates/toggles sprinting ála Skyrim.

A Second Key would allow you to start running much faster since its only one button press. Either way this button should definitely be a toggle on the controller. clicking the stick requires the most force out of all the buttons. At least its not as miserable as Gta’s shitty running system. Oh yeah Gta I would love to mash the X button the entire time I play. Thanks rock star…

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Don’t we all just love continuously clicking x over and over and over and over till we get shot by some stupid police officer…

I would actaully prefare a guildwars 2 system where you can run at a good pace at regular speed or walk slowly. Then use a skill or stamina system for getting close to enemies and evading.