Square Chisel

So, when building a staircase, I wanted slab stairs, with a wall (vertical slab) on the outside to give a bit of a low railing feel. The trouble is that I can only use the wall that way every other stair (e.g. when it’s a bottom slab).

As a crazy person, I’d love to have quarter slabs, so that I can stack 'em to make a vertical wall that matches.

But, a more interesting (and far more flexible) idea here would be to have a square chisel which lets you carve out corners as cubes rather than slopes. This would allow us to make all sorts of fancy shapes. Like upside down stair blocks, corner stair blocks, dirt steps, corner trimming, etc, etc!

It would definitely let you get around all the block placement magic that other games do (for example how Minecraft joins stairs into a corner piece)

Hell, could even get rid of the wall, slab, and stair types that way and just have players chisel regular blocks to make them. That might be too annoying, though.


Very interesting, I could think of many things I could do with this. Including writing in the oortphabet easier.

I like this idea. I would prefer this to crafting stair blocks

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This could work,but I’d have to think about it.i don’t know if everyone would be onboard with this idea.

I would like being able to cut a block into pieces, kind of like microblocks in minecraft.

excuse my paint skills XD


If I remember that correctly the devs already dismissed that idea. (At least for the moment.)

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yepp, cuz that would lead to a much bigger memory consumtion on the server.

That is understandable, and if that is the case I hope we can still get inverted stairs and corner stairs.

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[Quick comment here. There are some requests that I think of as polish - for example adding inverted stairs. We’d really love to polish up everything that is already in the game. As much as we want to do this, we’re currently focusing on expanding the gameplay. If we were to add inverted stairs, which we really want to do, then (some) people would complain that “nothing ever changes in the game”. So at the moment, we’re trying to be disciplined by focusing on the updated gameplay. This mainly includes adding the first pass player character and creatures models and animations, and more sophisticated combat. We also have a few other surprises in development - which are really cool. So keep the requests coming and understand why some items might get their additional polish down the road.]


Yeah I definitely want character progression and stuff asap, it will make the game a lot more enjoyable to play and maybe get some more people to join