Square Enix Collective no longer publishing Boundless

Let’s go this route as we always do. I love Boundless and this community the game is great and got me through a lot of hard times, but damn dude how much abuse does one take as a community member before you say enough is enough.

I suppose if ignorance is bliss is your approach to life and the continual non committal to anything and the non-communicative approach the dev team takes to a community that is suffering then so be it.

I am tired of losing friends and fellow players in the game. I don’t “attack” James, but as a business owner and as a developer I simply think it’s poor business and really just a slap in the face.

We can speculate both sides the game is fine, the game is dying etc. etc. In the end I never cared to speculate where the game is heading I only care that the community deserves more than they are given on a communication level.

Would it cause more questions sure, but better to have questions and some answers than no answers at all.


I’m VERY glad you did post it… I do agree some information was better than nothing regarding this.


Hi folks, sorry for the radio silence, but as you’ll have seen we no longer have the publishing rights to the game. I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who has been a part of Boundless, and I’m sorry that we couldn’t help the game to fulfil its potential during our time supporting and investing into the project.

There’s not much more I can add, but everything has now been transferred back to Turbulenz, and I’d like to wish you all the best for the future. The Boundless experience as a player is one I will never forget.


I don’t see it as abuse but can see how it feels like it. I see it as the owner deciding not to communicate based on a reason none of us know or can understand. I don’t really agree with it either, but when I talked with James regularly we had a few conversations on why they did or did not post stuff. I’m not able to get in his head obviously, but he has made his decision for whatever reason he has and isn’t going to change it because we all post stuff here. In the long run he was always reasonable and has a clear reason he doesn’t feel he needs to post.

The way I see it, if the game was “going to be shut down” he would post that with the date/time. Everything else is noise… there is nothing he can change in the current situation so no reason to either stabilize people’s fears or solve the issue.

I don’t want to diminish people’s issues with this style… only provide insight on what I do know about him and what I think it means.


Thank you for the information Phil. :slight_smile:


We shall agree to disagree I suppose.


Thanks for the info Phil, it’s appreciated.

Can I ask if Square will be discontinuing with the running costs of the servers now that you no longer hold the publishing rights?


Square Enix is no longer involved with the project on any level, including paying costs or receiving income.


I’m sorry to hear that, but thank you again for the answers here!


Thank you for being transparent, honest and sincere to this community. We wish you the best in your career and in your everyday life.


Much love @philelliott appreciate the communication.


yea we are fked xD


GOt my heart broken when Landmark shut down, reallly not ready to go through that again. Rather hoping there’s an alternate path for the game to take that we don’t know about though not sure there’s enough of us for them to want to take any other road.


Thanks again for the info and candour Phil.

It’s been a pleasure playing Boundless with you too.

All the best.


I hope that nothing happens to the game, o7 everyone.

This is a pretty bittersweet moment for me.

also thank you @philelliott for actually clarifying a few things


I’d have to do… A lot of math, but based on some estimations I did before regarding server costs, I believe that between GC and sov income, the game is likely self sustaining with enough leftover revenue to support less than one developer.

Without access to the actual server software to benchmark costs, I could be waaaay off on my math in either direction, though, so salt the info liberally.


I’m kind of really confused what we should disagree here. I guess I’m not allowed to have an opinion.

The better answer would you don’t believe he will post that the game is being shut down. Anything else is just saying that you think I am lying or unable to evaluate a person based on hours of conversation with them covering topics on “communication.”

That’s the problem with this forum — people feel that the Devs and others should follow their orders instead of letting them make decisions for themselves.


Remember Boundless existed LONG BEFORE SE came into the picture… Yes, it isn’t great news and none of us like this development but I wouldn’t assume anything at this point beyond the info we have.


Yeah I’m kinda dumb in the game dev stuff but I know there are devs, and publishers and etc etc etc, so who knows :slight_smile:

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Thank you for posting & for the info Phil.

To the community:
Math. This means Wonderstruck will now be receiving all funds from Gleam Club, Steam sales, PS sales, rental planets and planet fuel. Their overhead is much less now than it was before, since they’ve whittled down the employee costs and real estate. Therefore, I believe the game will continue as it is (at least) - with possible development in the future.

I agree it would be nice to see a news/announcement post from the devs on this change or on the status of the game/future.

Could James decide to close it all down? Of course he could. That’s always a possibility. Do I think he would do that? Nope.