Stackable Teaching Pie or Double XP for "next 700k"


Since we’re going to need way more XP per level, I suggest the following:

  • allow stacking of Teaching Pies - so you can eat 10 for example and have your next 700k XP doubled
  • simply increase the 70k XP per pie to 700k XP (if death penalty is worse, why not have something good as well?)

The 70k XP (100k XP with full skills) is obsolete once the update comes. If it shall remain “half level” as usual, something needs to be changed.


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I can imagine eating 10 teaching pies and then dieing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


teaching pies are nearly half of all the coin i make, i hope they keep up with changes in the gameplay–if they work with relative weights they might follow the change in XP automatically ::shrug::

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