Stackable tools

I know I know, nothing will happen for a long time but one quality of life update I would like to see is different type of tools and weapons becoming stackable, as in that you can have hammers, shovels and axes etc (+ including grapples, spanners, slingbows and chisels too. And why not also totems) in the same smart stack.

My reasoning is as follows:
This is my inventory currently while building.

It does change a lot but the only things that are constant is that inventory always full and 8 slots are taken by necessary items. These 8 items are on the 2 columns to the right. If hammers, shovels, axes, spanners, grapples and slingbows were stackable, I could free up 5 slots becase 1 smart stack could include my 3x3 hammer/axe/shovel, 1x1 hammer/axe/shovel, 1 grapple, 1 slingbow and lastly 1 autodoor spanner and it would look like this.

I am not familiar with the technical side of the game so I am not sure whether this is possible or not but I would love to have those extra slots when I decorate my city!

Anyone else who would like to see this or anyone that is opposed to it?


I’d like a way to expand the inventory in general. It always drives me nuts in games when you are force limited with inventory and then half of what you have available ends up taken up by equipment. I much prefer when games have equipment slots and you can stick your tools and whatnot there instead of just slapping them in the regular inventory and taking up all your space.

I’d be happy with stackable tools.
I’d be happy with equipment slots that take the tools out of the inventory.
I’d be happy with methods of adding additional inventory space.

I’d even be happy with a method of sending stuff to a reclaim from anywhere, or a global bank of some sort.


If they all stacked it sounds like an inventory nightmare.

I’m not opposed to the idea though. As far as more inventory space the same issue would occur where someone wants more and more and more as I have seen it in games with more or less inventory space than Boundless has.

Sadly it will never be enough and it will come down to inventory management. Seems you could drop one stack of doors, not sure why you need a slingbow for.building or a teaching pie when you could just eat a pie and build etc.

I too run into inventory issues and have to make hard decisions, but sometimes it’s QoL and sometimes it’s laziness. Jumping down to access a chest with this stuff in it isn’t horrible.

Slingbows for building are quite necessary if you live on a higher tier planet. The mobs don’t care that you are busy.


Yup considered that might be the case.

Slingbows are necessary since I build on T6 planet and constantly need to defend myself from mobs tumbling down then mountain.

Pies/cooked meat is just my food stack which always travels with me since I die frequently due to the aforementioned reason.

It’s actually trapdoors and doors, so two different, non stackable objects.

Currently, to manage all my items, I need I have planted 4 gleam chests out in the open which I run to back and forth. Even a few more slots would do heaps. And ngl, I feel like I don’t have enough items in use either so there’s that as well. :smiley:

@CleoStJames I don’t really mind the limited inventory, I think that is one of the main reasons that distinguishes survival from creative. I just think part of the smart stacking system could be improved on. Like, you can stack 9 hammers but when you try to put an axe in that same “area”, it’s a no no. I would love to have the shulker boxes from Minecraft, they would make lots of things much more convenient as well and would be somewhat similar to reclaim system (when used to move items around to where you are building).

How about adding a a second Inventory page? One for tools and say food/brews and maybe bombs. Then a second page for materials/blocks.


I would oppose to this for the console side mostly. Moving individual inventory items with a controller so they won’t stack is sheer torture already. I just completed a new tool storage system designed around being able to quick send tools that don’t stack with the others. Plus I take full stacks of each tool to my builds when possible.

I don’t like our inventory limit either, but while I know how long it will take me to run back to storage to swap things out, I’ve spent countless hours looking for things hidden in stacks. I spend far more time separating colors, tools, food, etc. from smart stacks than I save running to storage.

Despite all this, I really wouldn’t be sour if they made all tools stackable. I’m weird and have my own super efficient ways of doing things but they’re also designed around building on T1’s and avoiding my greatest pet peeve of accidently breaking placed/chiseled blocks. I can’t exactly speak for everyone on the matter.

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This is an issue I came across when I recently made my new storage. But this is a separate issue and I would love to be able to “lock” smart stacks, as in “this igneous stone smart stack only allows oxide gray stone to go in it”. Then you could keep having a well sorted system without items “vanishing” while tools being stackable. :+1:

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Maybe we could craft or earn backpacks? It would be nice if we could load up a toolbelt and it wouldn’t take up inventory space.


Exactly this - it’s time for craft-able inventory items: sacks, backpacks, belts and whatnot.

Add taming creatures on top of that so we could have a packing mule following us

I mean a packing wildstock :blush:


I’ve always wanted the ability to lock smart stacks. One simple button when hovering over them, maybe give it a different color border, still allow us to manually add items to them regardless of lock parameters, nothing to complain about.

Then if all tools were stackable we could group things like metal and gem chisels with the same function in a locked stack, or separate forged and unforged of the same material. Takes some manual moving at first but at least they would stay put thereafter.


I’m all for added inventory space. Even if it’s a purchase via irl money.

I also would love to see 8 slots for tools and plotters separate from the inventory.


We should just have automated teleporters for all our inventory so we can farm an entire Exo and have it automatically sent to our base storage without leaving.


I’m sure your being sarcastic, but I would be fine with this.


Inventory is a bit tight in Boundless, Though I’ve played enough games to know whatever they give us it’ll never be enough. We’re all a bunch of hoarders :wink:


I think a tool slot would be nice I know I’ve seen like a Swiss Army knife idea for chisels in the forums. If I could have my inventory as is for blocks and other things instead of tools and other necessary things clogging my inventory I would be ok with it the the current inventory space on average I take one line of the inventory for necessity items and rest for blocks.

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It was sarcasm, but with if this were the case Exo’s would have nothing on them after a bit sadly. I love automation, but with how things are set up with the economy an unlimited inventory wouldn’t be ideal.

In a game like Minecraft though that is purely building it works. Something with limited resources with an economy, not so good.

For me, reducing challenge reduces the fun and sense of accomplishment I get from playing the game.

It would be impossible to have a limitless inventory in any irl situation so I appreciate the limited inventory in Boundless.I enjoy having to prioritize the items I want. It makes me a more practical person.

I do like the idea of bags or backpacks, but wearing one should reduce agility, dexterity and movement speed.

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That might be the only way I’d be ok with this as if there was some adverse effect due to extra weight.

For me, I’ve been down this road before. Is 20 inventory slots enough? Are 40? 150? etc.

The answer is it will never be enough. People complain in Guild Wars 2 still with its 384 slots.