Staircase building

Does anyone have any cool staircases to show off? Also can we PLEASE have the ability to make a sloped banister??? Pretty pretty please!

Crazy Stairs

Water slide / stairs

Stairs at my main pavilion

Similar stairs at my forge

Stairs with a waterfall

I guess there’s a pretty consistent theme aorund here :rofl:

A couple of metal sets in/out of the basement area

That’s about it for stairs at this base. I have a couple ramps tucked away too:

Oh, wait there’s these

And the back of the water slide

Probably mu favorite of all of these are the ones with the waterfall down by the shop. It’s pretty simple and hard to get good screenshots but I was so happy when I finally got them sorted.

Also I haven’t got any full ones to screenshot here but you can do a straight diagonal with bevels.