Has it ever been considered to add stalactites? I figure it’d basically just be like the stone pillars, but flipped upside down on the cave ceiling.

With Goo added, there’s at least more going on in cave ceilings (On exos), but they still feel pretty barren, and I’d love to see Stalactites added, since we already seem to have Stalactites in the world through aforementioned stone pillars.

Tiny flavor, but flavor nonetheless.

Or alternately; Let players put stone pillars on walls and upside down in their beacons?

  • Yes, I’d like this
  • Yes, but only the latter idea with beacon placements
  • No, I don’t want this
  • Other, (Comment below)

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I’d love to see an artistic rendition a horizontal speleothem! Maybe it would curve downward? There is a good visual on the speleothem wiki.


Friendly PSA below. Also, I’d like to be able to place the tapered boulders and other items on any surface.


StalacTites come from the Top


Ah frick, I had them the wrong way around! This is what I get for being Danish. :joy::denmark:

Edited the post to fit!


ladders first


You could make a thread for that, if need be!


and StalagMites from the Mottom? :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and don’t forget pants


StalagBites YOUR Bottom!