Stamina system for oort online

So was just talking with another dude about how the combat system could work and i thought about the stamina system from skyrim/eso and would really like to see it in this game.

So the skyrim/eso system for those who doesnt know have health, magicka and stamina

Health: quite obvious
Magicka: used for any of the spells cast in the game and i mean ANY SPELL which might be different in this game
Stamina: in ESO everything you did use stamina basically, so when you were sneaking you used stamina, you used stamina when running, on charging attacks and on blocking and this is the main point i think would be cool

So you should be able to block in the game requiring different amounts of stamina, so if you had a shield it wouldnt take quite as much stamina when blocking compared to a greatsword.

This would encourage actually thinking when fighting so instead of mindlessly charge attacking and abusing block you would need to watch your stamina bar because when it would run empty you would not be able to block, sprint or charge your attacks also you would turn kinda sluggish meaning you would attack slower and have more openings that the enemy can abuse.

Just an idea i think would make combat harder and more interesting.


It would be cool if they could add stamina in the game :smiley: It would encourage players to travel long distances by mount instead of just running the whole time

I’ve always hated systems like this
and every time I’ve played Skyrim I used commands to give my character nigh unlimited stamina