Starlight Mall

Thought it was time to share these lovely shops.!
Accessible at TNT Mall wall, Dragons World Hub Finata door, Rivertowns Arie Hub. Finata Coinland Hub, ODF Hub, Ersho Dragon Hub, plus a few others.
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The mall has color themed walkways that are great to see at Night!

A central hub with available portals can be resized and Guildbook for shop owners to communicate. Spaces available for your needs just message me at the mailbox in the Mall hub.

LazyRoc Tools, Hammers, Bows, Bombs and various other items. )Nice security cameras lol!

Meteor Memories, 2 floors of weapons and tools her flagship store she told me.

Concrete Connection, Nice store!

Dragon Wares, Various items Currently on Hiatus due to internet connection issues.

The Seamstress shop, Just as the name says Seams and a bit more.

ChiculaDreams, Tools ores and more, there are two sides to this shop

Honeybears Bonanza, Need some wood or stone chests? That and a bit more.

Calicat, need some resources this shop has some of those you need!

Bearly Awake, Decorative gleam, Lanterns,Led’s and signs for all your needs.

Whatapie!, MMM pies and next door I believe is going to be Bluesbrews.

Dwarf’s Supplies, a bit of this and that with a Zelda theme

Zockerbrauts Shop, as seen everywhere yup here too with lots for you.

Bearwares, Ornate Gleam Chests and some construction decor on the otherside of this two side store.

VooDoo, 3 floor of wares for you!

Dwarf’s Holiday Decorations, Bats and spiders and Oortys oh my!

Lafams Own Marcel’s Forges! He sells out often.

Into the Abyss, step thru the waterfall for tools, eats and bombs!

Hellboys Bakery! Away for IRL needs but will be back asap.

Angel Falls Outlet, Random items random times

Dine N Dash, a food stop with a theme!

The Door Store, wonder what they sell? Second floor coming soon!

Atlantis Shop, various wares for your needs.

Honeys Flowers are Us, Need to decorate the landscape? This shops has what you need.

Home DepOort, I see what they did there. Newer store with wood and other items. Huge task to fill this one.

The Seedy Leaf need some Foliage?

Reaper Vault_Tec

Rock, Stones, and More. It is in the name.

GlamorIce for those decorative Ice needs

The Painted Raven

Chic’s Bricks Three stories of Bricks!


I visit this mall often! Good stuff!


Yeah LazyRoc has been keeping me well fed.

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im visiting often, i like running across looking for different shop layouts, how other players exposing their goods, and ofc shopping there from time to time :smiley:


Updated with some new stores added!

This is my favorite mall; easy to get to and has so much in it. :slight_smile: :heartpulse:


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I’m in there! :heart_eyes:


Added shots of some more new stores!

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General Store

Gleam and things IV

Familiar Oortian Market

Lucky Loot

Swap Shop

A couple more spaces have been grabbed up Will post when they get built and Choose a name.


Taco’s Hunt shop, looks like they are getting close a few stands and then stocking the shop!



That would be a fun food crafting! make cheese from the milk, we already have meat in the game. lol!


I would love to be able to craft cheese, and pizzas, and ice creams …

ok, I shall stop now, I’m making myself hungry.


you made me hungry :smiley:
haha i have ice cream in freezer :smiley:
ok, ice cream for breakfast :smiley:


Okay everyone go to Starlight Mall and get supplies to make TACOS!

I know a brick shop that could probably supply the colors to make them! :smiley: