Starlight's Watch


This is a little selfmade fan story i came up to with the titans in mind which i guess will soon be part of the game :D. So keep in mind this is my own fiction and what i came up to imagining the Oortians, the titans and their associations. So have fun with it … (also maybe i form a guild based on this xP)

Starlight’s Watch
Hello, young adventurer. Come, get in and rest a while before you continue your journey. If you need anything just tell me. I can get you prepared for all your future adventures. Oh you noticed that glyph on the wall, and what it means you ask? Well how about you sit down for a while and i tell you a story.

Say young one, have you ever heard stories of the titans or even seen one? No? I thought so. These ancient beings are relics of the long forgotten Oortians. The first race to venture out in the universe and discover new worlds. It’s hard to say if there are actually worlds that are purely untouched and not contaminated by the leftovers of the Oortians. Oh don’t worry son i got a bit carried away. People say they got extinct many millennias ago. But the titans, well some believe and so do i, that they still exist, in still undiscovered worlds - undiscovered for us, that it. This glyph you must know is the guild gylph of Starlight’s Watch. They were probaly on of the last people who understood what kind of people the Oortians have been. Its seemingly simple name actually has a deep origin.

They got their name from a special ancient being, called Starlight - the Watcher of the Worlds they called him. You think thats a stereotypical name? Well thats because “Starlight” is the closest translation of that entities true name. It’s more a meaning of his existance than a name. We know nearly nothing about Starlight except that he, hence his title, kept watch over the habitable worlds and all its species. We don’t know of his race, or even his true form or size or his power. But its easy to assume that he was very powerfull. The guild that formed to honor his existence, Starlight’s Watch, believed that he was the last survivor of an even more ancient race, which the titans created by the Oortians have been based on.

What we know about the titans is, that they were supposed to be guardians. Guardians of important accomplishments of the Oortians, including buildings,
cities or ancient places or even secrets, knowledge and technology. Some titans were even supposed to be guardians of the planets. But with the extinction of the Oortians their
power disappeard but not their creations. The titans roamed the worlds, lost their purpose, while not dismissed from their task, without the Oortians to control them they became living desasters guarded by the protectors. The protectors guard all of the remains of the Oortians and one of these remains are the titans themself.

But don’t worry son, there are no titans in this world anymore, they are long gone, but who knows, maybe someday if your adventures carry you to undiscoverd lands, you will face yourself with the most gigantic being you will ever witness and the most dangerous as well. But back to here and now. I told you the titans were creations of the Oortians based on an even older race, Starlights kind. The Starlight’s Watch said the Oortians have used the titans to fight Starlight and its fellows for their power to further improve their might and thus of the titans. Imbued with the power of Starlights kind they became even bigger, stronger and more dangerous and we don’t know what else the Oortians did with the slayed bodies of this ancient race. Soon they went extinct for unknown reasons and all that was left were the abominations the Oortians had made out of Starlights race, well except Starlight himself. Starlight hid himself in these peacefull worlds, and his only goal was to protect them. When the Oortians disappeared and the new titans went lose and wrecked havoc accross the worlds they soon started to appear in our world too. It was Starlight who fought them off and protected these very worlds we are living in.

Starlight didn’t survive that battle but when he fought his final fight and could feel his end coming he knew that the worlds he wanted to protect weren’t safe yet. He knew there would have been more titans and protectors arriving at these worlds. So he used his final strength to push the titans back and sealed them to their original purpose, to protect the remains of the Oortians thus the titans weren’t able to leave these places. But to be sure he also seperated his energy at the borders of our worlds and shattered his body into different parts and hid them as good as he could among the peacefull worlds. His parts embued with his last energy sealed of our worlds so there could be no connections reaching out to the worlds of the titans or the other way arround. The guild formed when a group of archeologists discovered the bodyparts of Starlight and realized their connections. Starlights body was fused with the ground and the planet itself, turning into stone, ore and crystal as if it’s very essence was wrapping arround the planets to protect them. So the archelogist founded the guild Starlight’s Watch and created buildings inside Starlights remaining body to create places for the guild, to study him, to gather all information they could about the Oortians, the titans and what has happend over the centuries. They kept these informations mostly secret and those that got to know didn’t believe in their researches. But if you happen to find the other places of the guild you maybe understand that these structures could not just have been created by mere man alone and that there is still power inside of them and that indeed, Starlight was an impressive being and one that was and is unique for all times.

But this place right here, however is none of the old guildhalls build inside Starlights body but just a simple outpost. Their locations got lost over the years as well and im sure that they won’t be easy to find and that they are in hard to reach places, since Starlight tried to hide his remains after all. But one at least shouldn’t be far away from this place.

You must know that Starlights energy has faded probaly centuires ago and its possible to reach the other worlds again.

… maybe now i motivated you to find the guilds places and Starlights remains. Maybe if you do, you can repower the portals and reconnect the places again so Starlights ancient energy can yet again protect our worlds.

Because im afraid if he doesn’t we will soon … have to prepare for our greatest of battles.

Истории Безграничных миров

Oh @Yawaly it’s a very cute story! Can I translate your novel to russian and publish?

You use “the Oort” as a race, as the folk and as the civilisation. But we actually know what “the Oort” is the element and material. Perhaps it will be more understandable if you should use “oortians” and “Oortian Star Empire” or something like that. What do you think about this idea?


Yeah i know about the Oort Stone, but i don’t know speaking of Oortians as a race i thought “the Oort” is more fitting. But i guess to make it more clear i change it to Oortians. And yes sure go ahead and translate and publish it would love if more people could read my story :D.