Starsky's Estate and Pattissiere

I have added a few more items as well as a couple of request baskets. One for Sweet Beans, as Im struggling a bit to keep up lol. Another request basket for Shimmering Orbs as Im not quite high enough level to get level 5+ planets and live. Both paying well I believe.

Prices Ive set to reflect the distance away from Sydney Market, hopefully to make those few extra steps well worth it.

Any feedback, as well as anything in particular you would like, let me know.

Hi, first post so be kind lol.

I started my first little shop called Starsky’s Pattissiere. It can be found just north of Sydney Market on the Australian tier 1 planet of Lasaina. (follow the signage to Starsky)

Starsky‚Äôs Estate is a small settlement (still in development) with a few examples of ‚ÄėAntipodean‚Äô architecture, a small farm and luxury yacht (sooo much harder to build a yacht then a house!)

Starsky’s Pattissiere, is located within the middle house and as it stands now is just being stocked. In the coming days and weeks I will expand the offerings.

Come along, check out Sydney Market and take a wander through Starsky’s Estates


Might come over to have a look seeing as I live on lasaina :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grin:

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Starsky has been on boundless for a while now but only just made his first post on the forums :laughing:

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Edit: as above

Thanks, Ive been settled for a while now, but really starting to get into it.

Ive still got a lot of beautication to go, but thought Id make a post

Sounds good

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