Stat views for items

This goes into many things, its basically just about how i would like to see stats being showed, i like the borderlands system where if you hovered over it a small screen would pop up where you could see the stats. just to add to it make it a key you hold like shift or so.

that way you could use items like weapons for customizing houses and shops, for example i could hang up 2 swords crossed on the wall and the person could actually see the stats of the swords. this is a very very simple thing i know, but its one of the small details that makes me appreciate games certain games.


small addition, I’d prefere to only see the stats if I want to. Meaning you have to press a button while looking at such an item.

Maybe you could even costumize which stats you want to see depending on what you’re interested in.


yeah stat screen on/off is fine, but making a way to only see those stats are kinda sad. i think more like Dungeon defenders where you hold shift and see the stats compared to your currently equipped stats

I’m on that site, but it doesnt ahve to be an Button, an option in the Settings would do it for me better, so I dont have to press 20 buttons at once ingame ^^

I’ve used Borderlands when talking about GUI quite a lot actually, it’s very spacial and contextual which I like. Very unlikely we’d have stats quite to the extent they do though.

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ofc the AMOUNT of stats i dont care about. im talking purely about the stat window would be kinda floating midair, i always loved that for no particular reason :smile:

me too^^ 10 chars