State of The Game <(Settlements)> and other

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I am currently doing a study of any and all Settlement based disagreements/“griefing”. If you or someone you know has had an issue with Settlement mergers, “Griefing”, Eminent Domain, or any other form of unwanted happenings. I would like to know a basic description of your case and if or how the devs helped you out. By doing this I aim to find out a general knowledge of how these matters have been taken care of or not taken care of.

If you decide to post please please DO NOT Name Shame anyone!

That being said if you could be as descriptive as possible while leaving out Names, Planets, and city locations.

one thing I would like to know is if either the Aggressor or the attacked are part of any large guilds. <(this is possibly the most relevant piece of information pertaining to why I am doing this.)>

Once I have received a good mix of cases I will compile all the data and publish my findings.

PS. I have been an Aggressor as well as someone who was attacked. It is all to easy to resort to “childish actions”.


Some Examples of Griefing:
Building walls around another player’s Beacon
Plotting around another players base, with intent to stop them expanding
Digging out the ground underneath another players Beacon
Placing blocks above another players Beacon

I believe this might need to be updated to include any or all cases you have passed final judgment on.
@Steggs101 @james

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