Static depth of field

Would it be possible to make depth of field into a slider and then decide if it should be static or dynamic? i love the system and its amazing for pictures, but its kinda hard sometimes to use because you have to look at a specific thing and if you dont the pictures looks kinda weird. im not sure if it is possible, but i liked the mod i played around with from skyrim you could set values from 0 to 1.2 and then set depth of field to static (always on) or dynamic (only on when you focus on things)

DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community?

Makes a huge difference, here is one from skyrim (sorry, unfair comparison) xD

Here is from oort:



I might be weird and i might be wrong, im not even sure i explained it properly, but i hope you understand.

I could definitely go for a sort of slider on the depth of field. I enjoy the effect in Oort but with some lighting conditions it can just be headache-inducing, so being able to control the blur level would really help.


Yeah precisely, i remember that i always used 0.8, everything over felt too much and it hurt to look at, some people might have higher tolerance and some might have lower. i think its more cinematic to have static DOF on but some people hate it. some might want a little bit of DOF but not the max setting as it is now.

im just not sure how hard it would be to make. or even how it works.