Stating the tint of an object being crafted


A couple times when I craft an object I will accidentally craft the wrong tint. I wish there was an option for the type of tint to craft or at least it tells you in the queue.


The preview in the queue does show it, but just as an image, not the actual name of the color.


I know but I have still confused them. I thought I only had one rock color in my inventory.


If you want to ensure a particular colour is used place it in the craft station before you craft, materials stored in the station are used first before anything in your inventory


There is one of two things going on-

Either you have multiple colors in the smart stack when you craft,

Or there’s another color of the same resource in the inventory of the machine itself (which it pulls first before the character inventory).


This catches me out a bit too.

Related to this, if I have a stack of multiple coloured blocks, how does the game decided which one will be the tint it uses?

Does it then remember exactly what colour blocks it has used, so if I cancel will I get the exact blocks back or will I get a stack of the tint colour it was trying to make?


It consumes the resources from the smart stack starting from top left, going row by row. You will get exact blocks back, I think the color that’s most abundant is the one the result uses.



Also, if you are crafting items, it will use any items in the refinery storage deck. Make sure you only have the items/colors you want the machine to use, in your inventory or the machine’s storage. Place the other items in a shelf until you’re done crafting :+1:

For example, if I want to make silk yellow gleam doors, I have to get rid of this cool blue gleam (and the white gleam to the left), or it will use that first: