Statistics of Valentine's day

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So are we considering request baskets part of the event?:neutral_face:


Can those be bought with request baskets?

Those are from pooling the ones my alts got so far. :blush:

I can be a tad obsessive.


That is impressive!


I plan on using those nice columns for a future large build (2000 plots or so) but I have no idea how many I’ll end up needing so I’m trying to get as many as I can while the event is up…


What are the hearts for?


my wife and I were very diligent! we already have over 300 hearts! We do not like the columns! Air Baloons are very funny! however, the vases did it to us! We make these in all possible colors! very awesome :slight_smile:


They’re used in crafting the decorative things from this event. Heart balloons, flower vases, columns. The stuff you can preview in the sanctum.


To build special things! :slight_smile:

You can build decorations like vases, balloons or columns that are only available in this event!


I think the columns would look cute as balcony railings and things like that. :slight_smile:


I must be blind. Or blinkered.


uff … I do not know exactly how it is called in English - but there is such a kind of lovely Pavilion! In the US, they often exist in large gardens in the garden! usually they are white and have only one roof and pillar / fences! That could look really good! I’ll do that: D thanks for the tip ("{^_^}


Not sure what you mean exactly. Maybe a gazebo?


short question: How that works with the roses swap that you get heart you know?


Yeah, this is exact what i mean! In German is the Name “Liebes Pavillion!” :smiley: