Statistics of Valentine's day

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I really want to see the statistics on who received the most hearts


Id put money that its lord boogie


Anyone else at under 5?


i only got 9, and 6 of them were because i showed up at he PURE feather hunt lol



And I didn’t have flowers to trade so I hope they got a heart too.


Lol, that’s almost like negative hearts :smile:


i’ve got over 50 just on my main. had a few alts trading too.
ultima hub seems to be busy with people trading nearly all day!


if I enter a trade and they don’t put any flowers i’ll give them a small handful :slight_smile:



I think the person tried to do this after i canceled the first time lol. Somehow I wound up with a heart.


I got 62. Then stopped. shrugs I was trading in ultima hub the same day it came out so there was a lot of players there. Don’t feel the desire to get anymore.


Only have 1


I aimed at 24 to make a bulk of each of the special items so I could make a video. I succeeded.
Got a few more hearts after when stopped by others. But don’t chase them. It’s a nice event and items are cool but I have soooo much to do in game…


I am at around 120 but I used 3 toons during an extended event.


I got spare soon olmost at mass craft and got extra bouquets I bring them when I see you




What are they? Why? People kept trading with me and I had no idea why.


I have six. Was out today at the Ultima hub going to the mall and there wasn’t anyone seeming to want to trade. Had one person do a trade but I didn’t have any flowers on me, was on my way to gather and wanted every slot free. Still ended up with a heart. Felt bad about it, he/she took off before I could tell them I would give them the heart I got.
I think it is like the snowball meteorites, too much hassle to do the trade, you can only trade one rose, only one time with that person and so it get frustrating.

I’d like to see it where we could make the vases without the heart stone, they are nice and we could use the roses we collected for ourselves, bummer.

Forgot, two who traded and I didn’t have roses with me. Feel bad on both people that they didn’t get a heart.



for the first evening


Now that’s playing the field!


I got about 20. After that i got tired of trading with people lol