Stats for oort online

Any ideas on what stats you guys want to role with? there are several possibilities there is the good old wow fantasy stats. strength, stamnia, intellect, agility and spirit

also sometimes called something slighly different

and then we have games like skyforge, which REALLY loves stats


what would you guys think would be the best way to handle it, i am kinda split because i dont want to use a manual to be able to get some good dmg, but it would be cool to be able to play with different types of stats

I’m absolutely not sure which one would be the “best” in a decision sense. Personally I would want no stats at all, or as few as possible.

only concern is stats would require much balancing. Which would just prolong the development, Has it been confirmed that there will be stats in that sense?

every rpg has stats, you cant have a game without stats.

Well you have to keep in mind Oort isn’t a traditional RPG. And rpg simple means role playing game. So there is not some cookie cutter layout for RPGs. I mean honestly, a vanilla minecraft server could be rpg.

you still need stats though, if you dont have stats then there is virtually no difference on a mage and a warrior.

Except how they are played and that one does magic damage. There really doesn’t have to be an extensive stat system. Take terraria for example the only stats in the game are the ones that your equipment provides. And yet there is still a difference between a player that is melee/tank and a summoner player.


is also stats in every sense of the word. stats is just a way to show how much health you have. how much dmg so on so forth, but specific gear should give specific stats to specify what you are, i dont want a warrior that mediocre both at fighting and casting spells, but rather a warrior that can hit hard or take a beating and then be absolutely worthless with magic.

Yes but that is all stuff that equipment provides. Yes I understand it is stats still but not stats as in: leveling up, going into a character menu, adding a few points in dexterity, etc… I guess what I’m trying to say is this. There doesn’t necessarily have to be an upgrading of a list of stats that specifically effect that player. But rather, getting new equipment to improve stats.

ofc. it would be nice to tweak stats atleast to a certain degree, but at the bare minimum have specific stats on specific items.

One of the votable features is “character progression” so I think it would make sense to have some kind of advancement system in place. We don’t necessarily need stats, oort might be better suited for a skill tree type advancement system, where you would level up and pick between 2 or more skills/perks. I personally am in favor of stats, but there are definitely options here.

well i think as far as leveling stats should be handled based on your chosen caste or class a mage type would gain more magic stats wisdom and have certaint buffs depending on items ring of health wand of magic robe of life etc warriors woudl gain more strength i think there should be a miner/builder adventurer etc some ravce specific perks lizards having poison resistance or fire resistance others having mineing perks or loot perks …

stuff like that would be a good way to tackle the issue of stats … auto managed and optional gear would be a way to boost certaint stats aswell as pickign yoru character depending on your play style…

Let’s do pie charts for progression, because why not?

Indeed! Pie is always good, I propose lemon pie.

Oi screw stats. Skill n Style all the way. Most I would tolerate is a basic HP/AP/MP/Speed system.

Devs said this game is supposed to be like MineCraft and WOW blended together. I understand most of you have played MC and do not really like RPG but many of us came to this game expecting some RPG. True role playing requires character development. Stats are a must as well as equip bonus. As for mage or assassin differences, there should be skills that fit those classes and ofc they will need some stat differences of other classes. Once you get a job class, you can receive a bonus if you upgrade stats that class needs. If you would rather build a mage with assassin stats that’s up to the player, just don’t expect a bonus for stealth skills… Most of you just want to build anyway so just play something that holds a lot of resources and nvm stats if you do not plan to hunt, pve, or pvp. That’s just one of the many features of the game.

Also zouls has some good stat choices to pick from
Look over the pix and let devs know what ones you are interested in.

dont expect predetermined classes, i imagine oort being ‘‘you are what you wear’’ type of game

Very likely… as long as I can duel wield and assassinate I will be semi happy.

i had more stuff like Masking. i will post it here as a thread called assassination

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