Stats from equipment + passives only?

I imagine that there are going to be stats of some kind, dont know what yet, but i guess i will talk about a system i imagine might work, feel free to point out flaws :smile:

this is based on the assumption there are going to be weapon skill lines, so i might be a mastery 50 archer. but a mastery 5 swordsman.

Right, i think a system that would fit would be something like TSW (because its so simple) all of your strength came purely from your weapons and equipment, there were no levels like wow, so you didnt get passive stat upgrades just from leveling up.

its actually quite simple, you could put skillpoints into leveling weapons and your equipment to ‘‘tiers’’

i dont know if we will have skillpoints, so the same system could work when reaching certain mastery points, like mastery 50 for sword unlocks the ability to use quality 2 swords, the system was simple as i said, this person have 6 points in blood magic so he can use up to quality 6 blood weapon, which is quite a bit, but on the other hand he doesnt have any points in for example pistol. meaning he cant use a pistol, if he levels it once he can use the worst quality pistol and is no better than a person who just started stat wise.

as you level up your mastery you unlock new actives and passives for the items, like sword you unlock 5% faster attackspeed or something like that, so you get better at using swords and get a few boosts for that item but for nothing else.

this would leave all of the stats on the equipment on weapons, here are 2 comparisons for TSW weapons.

since the first is rare and the 2nd is uncommon the jump in stats arent as drastic. but there is a difference.

if these 2 people switched around guns (if we say it is possible) then their weapon damage would switch too, the high level have a small advantage because he have a few more passives but the stats are the most important thing.

I imagine this would be nice for oort, there is only 1 requirement for it to work.

  1. you need to have the required mastery to equip the weapon quality you want, so a person who just started cannot equip a quality 10 sword, which means you are only as good as your weapon but you can only equip better weapons when you get good enough to use them

This would mean if i who have played for 6 months and a person who just started both unequipped all of our gear we would have the exact same stats.

that would also mean if i have played those 6 months and gotten max in 1hand sword and heavy armor, and i decided to level up medium armor and bow i would have the exact same possiblities and stats as a person who just started and did the same, so i would need to level the things up again from ground.

ofc if i keep my high level heavy armor and switch to bow i will still have a major advantage, but assuming i switch to something i have never used it would almost be a complete reset.

i think this is the fairest way to make the system rather than ‘‘i am a master of sword, therefore i am also insane at using a bow’’ but i dunno. feel free to come with another system that could cover this area :smile:


I can endorse this system, ‘leveling’ in TSW was smooth and productive.

yeah. it just also have the downside though if you want to switch to something else you nearly needed to start doing all of the starter quests over again or you would have too weak weapons for the next areas :confused:

For a game like OO, it gives another reason to go back down and visit the lower tier worlds. I love an excuse to go back to where I started, but most games fail at giving a good reason to do so.

they are also aware of that, i think they said that they would make mats that could only be found on lower tier worlds. so you would be kinda forced to go back, but yeah that is what i thought, then people can make things as they want but it still takes a bit of progression without locking you down.

I like this skill sistem :smiley:

More thoughts on this opposed to other systems that have been proposed?

I like it.

Minecraft actually works in very similar way:

• Everyone has the same HP, speed, base attack power.
• Increase armor rating and attack power by crafting and equipping armor and weapons.
• Craft better armor and weapons by finding better materials.
• Armor and weapons are completely transferable between players.

frustrated groan

yes, minecraft does as you described, and that system is so unbelievably bad, please do not mix my system with minecraft, because although it is good for a singleplayer survival game its absolutely horrible for an mmorpg, this is a system made to be a mix of both Sandbox games and MMORPG games to please both sides.

whether or not item would be soulbound is another discussion on the forums (which i think most higher/rarer items should be)

but the biggest difference is that you are not just given equipment, you have to earn it, a sort of progression, the problem with minecraft was that there was no progression in both crafting and player, you could simply use everything if you had them and craft everything if you have the mats, in an mmorpg? absolutely not… no way.

but back to the progression, you need to use a sword to be able to use stronger swords, you need to use a bow to become better with a bow, meaning that a person who just started cannot just equip the best armor in the game and ‘‘epic mastersword of doom’’ but they need to earn their way up to those items. on the other hand it would also stop being too OP in base stats, you become better at what you do and nothing else. so master of the bow might be noob with the sword.