Status of Coal, Fuel, & Metals Shop

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Good day everyone! Hope you all are doing well in the current events :smiley:.

Disclaimer: Long post ahead.

So I am writing this post because I think the community in this game is closer to one another than in other games. Many people supported the shop and made my experience running it way better than I expected so an update is due.

Many of you undoubtedly realized that the shop has been a bit more empty than it has always been. Many of you also know that this isn’t the level of service I intended to give when I first opened it. I wanted to write this post at the very beginning when this started happening but I was hopeful that things might change. Now that this has been going on for about 4+ months, I guess that a drastic change is unlikely to happen soon. This post also is hopefully an adequate reply to the awesome people who messaged me in-game to make sure I am good. Thanks to everyone for the continuous support. You all know this community is Boundlessly great :stuck_out_tongue:.

Long story short, I am taking a break from running the shop.

1- Is this a forever thing? I believe and hope not. I just want to avoid a severe burn out. When something becomes a chore, I like to take a step back to keep it enjoyable.

2- You sure you aren’t leaving like all those who took “a temporary break”? Yes I am fairly sure. I love the game, I trust the devs with the future of this game, and this has been going for 4+ months as I said. If I wanted to leave, it would’ve happened long ago I guess. I’ll be playing the game a bit more casually rather than having to worry about baskets / stands / portals / prices / etc. Maybe now I can better focus on finishing my 1+ years old projects xD.

3- Why is this happening? Many reasons:
a) I became a bit busier than usual.
b) Prices fluctuations (with metals and Oorts) isn’t something I enjoy because of the constant price updating you need to make (excel / in-shop).
c) It requires constant attention to acquire raw mats due to the wide variety of ingredients and the continuous crafting.

4- There’s a chance that when I open it again, I might start buying stuff again in preparation. Will keep you all updated here :smiley:.

5- What will happen to the portals? I’ll close them to give space for other shops in the hubs, to save people the effort of coming to an empty shop, and to save you guys (and myself) some Oorts :smiley:. The shop itself will stay as it is.

6- I tried to message everyone who had a portal to my shop. Thanks for trusting this shop with a portal :smiley:. I could reach some of you and I couldn’t reach others (use mail boxes people :P). Anyway, a duplicate notification here won’t harm. At the time of writing this post, your portals were open so thanks @Tinyjim, @Nitloc, @Spitcup, @Glacial, @Astora, @Zephidyon, @GeneralShogun, @Savior, and @Izzabell. Thanks also to all those who opened portals previously and to those who hosted my portals!

In conclusion, I enjoyed running this shop and it has been one of my primary sources of enjoyment in this game - everything that has to do with it (meeting people, causing positive change, contributing to the economy, selling and making profit, seeing my blocks being used in big projects, making someone’s project a bit easier to do, eeeeeeverything!).

Thanks again to all the people who made this enjoyable and possible (buying from the shop, selling to it, giving feedback and support, opening portals to it, and spreading the word about it here or in-game). Too many people to individually mention but thank you all every and each one of you sincerely!

As Keanu Reeves once said:

Stay safe everyone and enjoy this break. As usual, I’ll be lurking on the forums and in-game in my far cold icy incomplete palace haha xD.


I Miss You Already ( ;.; ) hands @RedY3 -chan a :cookie: ( ;.; )

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Always heard about those cookies but never tried them. Thanks a lot Cookie chan (if thats even the right way to use it haha).

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@RedY3 I will await your return.

When you get back to it we can “fix” the road :laughing:

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I am still playing - its the shop only thats closed. Haha i totally forgot about that road next to the shop. Gotta close that wall under the floor! xD

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