Status Update: Release 101 and 101 issues

Release 100 and 101 introduced a few breaking issues for a mixture of players. This post is to update everyone on the status of the fixes.

The issues are:

  1. ATI driver issue: The game fails with a black (or white) screen during startup. Here. Here. Here. Here. This appears to be a driver issue. This means that code, shaders and assets that work happily on other graphics cards and other drivers, for some reason, fail on some ATI devices. These are a huge pain to work around. Ideally the drivers would work as expected. These issues are extremely difficult to reproduce without the specific device and driver combinations that are failing. We’re still working on this - and it’s our #1 priority.

    You’re hitting this issue if your Oort Online log ends with:

     consoleobject.cpp(272):                 (turbulenz::ConsoleObject::LogCB) CONSOLE LOG: Using standalone worker[object Object]
     consoleobject.cpp(272):                 (turbulenz::ConsoleObject::LogCB) CONSOLE LOG: MeshWorkerManager onMessage WORKER_CREATED
     consoleobject.cpp(272):                 (turbulenz::ConsoleObject::LogCB) CONSOLE LOG: WORKER_CREATED
  2. Missing servers: Some servers are still offline. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Updating the game often comes in two parts: 1. updating the game application itself, and 2. updating the saved games (basically the worlds). It’s easiest to just throw away the data and ask players to “start again”. But this isn’t a great option for voxel MMOs! So instead we write migrations from the old data format to the new data format.

    The migrations can sometimes be complicated depending on what has changed. For example, say we remove a block type, we need to go through every world and every chunk searching for that block and replace it with an alternative. But the migrations are extra complicated when we have 50 servers to migrate and many GB of data. Migrating each world took 3+ hours of processing.

    (This isn’t a sob story - just trying to give some insight into what we’re doing behind the scenes.)

    We originally thought that the failed migrations would be simple to fix - but we actually found it quite hard to work out where the problems were - particularly because the migrations were taking so long to run. Again, we hope to have all the world live tomorrow. (Where have we heard that before?)

  3. SSL sign up issue: Some users reported failures after purchasing the game when attempting to create accounts. Here. Again, we can’t reproduce the issue locally, so we’ve tweaked and updated our SSL certificates. Fingers crossed this will resolve the issue.

  4. Game Inventory(?) crashes: Some users reported crashes when opening the game. Their Oort Online logs listed inventory flavoured error messages and failures. This issue has been found and fixed, and will be deployed tomorrow.

These appear to be the main issues. Sorry everything didn’t work as expected after the update. All the issues all ultimately a result of playing an Early Access game that is still in active development. We’re working to get everything fixed ASAP.

If you have any questions, let me know.


I have a feeling that 99% of my posts over the past week have been: “Sorry, sorry, sorry, fixes coming ASAP, sorry, blame Tibor, sorry, and oh did I remember to say sorry.”


Don’t sweat it. I will take sorry sorry sorry in exchange for getting to see new features sooner :wink: And the results of vote 3 say i’m not alone.


thx for this much information.

I like you, I hate it when the server is constantly reset

It is still somewhat early for the game to be without crashes from time to time, don’t sweat it.

You guys are doing better than Castle Story, they did this big update which didn’t add ■■■■, but was supposedly important and they hardly communicate so no one knows what’s happening. You on the other hand at least tell us where you are or what your doing.

Thanx for trying to fix the bug as soon as possible! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for keeping us up to speed James. I think it’s better for us to have some insight and acknowlege there’s a problem rather than not say anything and leave us windmilling our arms around.

We appreciate your hard work and quick response :slight_smile:

Updated about #2.

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Thanks for the update, James. We’ll continue to wait patiently!

Daily update:

  1. ATI driver issue: - we have found a machine that can reproduce the crash in ATI’s driver. Tomorrow we will search through all the recent changes to try and find the update that triggers the bug. Once we’ve found this we will deploy an update that disables or works around the feature.

  2. Missing servers: - we’ve managed to fix the migration scripts and bring some of the worlds back online.

    FYI - Civini has caused us lots of problems. This is because some users have explored significantly beyond the generated area. (Fun for them, a monster :hankey: for us.) When this happens the game generates additional chunks as a flat plan. The problem is that the migration process also needs to take into account the additional chunks. There are so many additional chunks that the migration process is taking over 10 hours. (We really need to get the wrapping worlds in to stop this from happening.)

  3. SSL sign up issue: - are players still hitting any SSL issues? If so please let us know. We’re guessing that a system update for the users may resolve this.

  4. Meshing chunks hang: (Was “Game Inventory crashes”). This issue is hitting players who haven’t played for a long time and their inventories contain old blocks that have been removed. Our migration scripts didn’t deal well enough with these old configurations. Our mistake. We have a fix that will be deployed tomorrow.

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I have the ATI driver issue. So instead of playing the game, I attempted to watch my friend’s Steam broadcast. All of the sounds were coming through but there was no video feed. Is it likely that this is part of the ATI driver issue?

Item #4 Meshing chunks hang should be resolved by this update.


Item #1 ATI driver issue is hopefully resolved by here. Please confirm either way.


I think steam broadcasting doesn’t work for Oort. I tried broadcasting it but my friend only saw black but he could hear the sounds.

Confirmed resolved. Thank you so much!

you have to set up your streaming program to capture the game and not the screen. Still it has issues when the game goes full screen.

Hey I’m new and just bought the collector’s edition of this game. I am having the (Not Responding Error) and wondering what I can do. should I wait for a patch or what?

Can you share a gist of your game log? File is at: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Oort Online\oortonline_log.txt

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Ok I sent a gist, so tell me if you got it. Also if there is anything else I can do please tell me.