Steam and Geforce Now issues after applying for beta (testing) (SOLVED)


I love to use GeForce Now to play boundless on my Nvidia shield android box
when playing boundless on Geforce Now, login is required using the Steam account.
(GeForce now and Steam synchronize)

the problem I’m having is that if I put boundless in beta (testing) I have to create a new character on boundless using steam official but its logging into the same account…

I have no issues when it’s set on beta (testing) and play it on GeForce Now on the shield

and when I remove the Beta (testing) both steam official and the GeForce Now have no problems

not that it is a problem for me, I can just change the beta testing to none.

BUT! let’s say I change it back to Beta (testing) and log into my steam account from the laptop…
it forces me to create another character what if I do this? will my original character be renamed
will it be bugged. you can think of so many things like will it create another character. I would like to have some more info on this and I’m willing to test if the developers know of my actions.

it ‘‘could’’ be a big problem :slight_smile:

Testing is a separate universe. What happens in testing stays in testing. Your real-life (uh, well, in-production) character will be fine.

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thats weird because even Geforce Now is set to testing so this means that the so called beta testing is not applied on GeForce Now glad to know its a seperate universe thanks for the information buddy!