Steam Chat - Shift+TAB Crash

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Hi, I received a crash when a friend sent me a message and I used the Shift+TAB to bring up the overlay. No errors.

Once I’d started typing the game stuttered and crashed.

I had just gone through (or was about to go through) a portal, it may or may not have been dinging still. It was a same world portal between my two beacons. I have Skype and keybase running on the PC currently (about to close those), and am on the CloudFlare DNS server.

About to switch DNS, and try again, so you’ll get a crash report.

Happy for you to close this thread if you need, I just wanted to make sure it was lodged more verbosely than just the crash reporter.

Just to clarify, were you presented with an option to submit a crash dump upon reloading the game?

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Hello! :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry, I should’ve been more clear with “you’ll get a crash report” … it would’ve come through maybe ten minutes after that message?

Oh, and it didn’t happen again after I switch DNS, even with Skype running.

Not suggesting that’s the cause, just letting you know detail.

Was the crash dump submitted around the same time when the original post was made? Also, was the character name in game the same as your forum username?

Yeah, sorry, I should’ve been more clear, in my head I’d said all of that.

Yes. That was the case. :slight_smile:

I have located a crash dump with your in-game username, so it’s been added to the bug database.

Also, in your first post, you mentioned using CloudFlare. Out of interest, has it ever affected other games you play with?

Well, to be honest, my main DNS is a privacy one provided by my VPN provider, and I largely assume that when I game I should switch to a UK local one in case there are connectivity issues inbetween.

I only switch to the cloudflare, or try others when I have an issue.

Mostly I use the Zen Internet DNS for Boundless and rarely get issues. I only brought DNS up because I thought that it might be related in the game with regards to constant requests for information, and suchlike. :slight_smile: