Steam Feature: friending nearby players?

What do you guys think of the idea in the title?
@ben would this even be possible to implement?
It’s always very nice to know when your friends are online so you don’t waste a ton of time checking on and off all the time. It’s also nice to be able to coordinate and ask people to come play. Often on MC servers I wouldn’t play at all if none of my friends were online when I checked in, so something like this would be very awesome to keep the community tight.
The big issue right now is that when you see players you can’t see their steam usernames, and that, along with steam’s kinda terrible friend system makes it hard to friend the people you want to play with.

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Do we use friendship relationships from outside of OO or create new relationships within OO?

Guilds feel like a place to opt into details about other players.

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I have never personally liked the “Make a guild and use it as your friends list” method.

Guilds and friends should stay separate. Not that you can’t have friends in your guilds.


Guilds are nice, but steam is much more convenient because you can check it at a glance before even opening the game. Also as @Hiyosup said, your entire friend base wont be in one guild, so steam notifications would provide better coverage.
However, I’m not sure how easy it would be to make it so you can see people’s steam accounts when we’re in a non valve game without small (10-20) person servers where you can easily sort people out.
There are also privacy concerns to be had as well, as I wouldn’t want any random passer-by to have access to my steam account.
Maybe we could go for something where if you friend someone in game, you can see their steam account, and by extension send them friend requests in steam.

Yeah… I mean, I’m just gonna leave this here:
you can easily join the group or add people straight from the group…
I understand your point for the future, but for now there’s this