Steam Hidden Achivement not being awarded

Hey, I have completed all the core objectives for one of my Characters, but have still not gotten the achievement ‘Getting to the Core’ which is meant to be given for this. Im playing through steam on PC.

See image of objectives to see core no longer there at top.

As this is a hidden achievement i’m not fully sure i am meant to have it yet, just trying to get through them all. Perhaps if its because i have yet completed what is needed you should just say rather than give it away.

Also having issues with replenishing bomb achievement as well. am replenishing my friends energy but not being given the objective.

Do you know of anyone else who had successfully obtain one or more of the hidden achievements?

Just to check, are you throwing bombs during moments when another player has low energy so that they regain energy quicker as opposed to wait for their energy to slowly recharge?

I don’t know anyone with the achievement, but have seen posts on the forum about how to achieve it. I may be wrong on that.

I am checking with my friend when giving them a bomb to make sure it is getting there energy but still nothing on the objective. I have got the healing and some of the status effect objectives, but nothing for replenishing energy. (it has crossed out acquire a bag bombs forged with replenishing as i have them in my inventory).

Edit: I just checked, and on my other character, using the same bombs i have gotten the objective.

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Do you have a link to those posts?

At the bottom of these posts Steam Achievements

Thanks for linking. I’ll pass this over to one of the software engineers.

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