Steam Link


Just wondered if anyone is currently using the Steam Link to play Boundless?
Any problems/issues if so?
Found a couple of very old posts but nothing recent.

Currently running on pc in my bedroom but that tends to be a tad anti-social so a low impact set-up in the lounge would be ideal.

Have one arriving tomorrow and can send back easily enough if it doesn’t work out but peeps experiences would be very useful.


We use it in the team for demoing development. It works pretty well.


ahh good to hear.
I’m not expecting exactly the same experience/performance but if its pretty close than that will be good enough for me.

Had been thinking about maybe getting a laptop or building a mini me pc but this seems a good value option (though now I’m shopping for wireless mechanical keyboards so…)


Slow I guess, but doesn’t everyone have to go to Steam to log into to play the game?

I get on steam always in the morning when I am ready to play any game I have in my games list. When I want to play Boundless, I click on the title and then play game.
I don’t know of any other way to play the game, to get it to start up.


Steam link is steams “console/pc” iirc


The Steam Link is a little box that basically streams your steam game from your pc, so you have to have your pc on as usual and steam running but can play easily (I hope!) in another room via network.


It’s a good box. I was quite impressed with it. The main question would be making sure your main PC had the juice to play, encode and stream the game. And obviously everything needs to be wired!!


Thanks for the info, didn’t know that


I don’t have issues with my Steamlink, I more often use it to play NieR:A or LEGO games :stuck_out_tongue: …but I have tried Boundless with it once and it worked flawlessly!


Actually you don’t have to,
(This is only slightly off-topic)
I just found out you can launch Boundless directly from discord without having to start up steam! I had just restarted the computer and discord opens automatically so I right clicked the tray icon to close discord and there was a menu that said Boundless, so I clicked and it opened steam and right into the game!


That still goes through steam though.


All boot up still goes via steam, I have set a boundless icon on the desktop and although it still goes via steam it does not open the steam app so i feel it is faster.

Btw a secondary option if it’s feasible is using a cloud gaming machine. I have been using Shadow pc since December and I have to say I’m very impressed! I truly saw the beauty of this game after 2 months of playing.
I use shadow on an 8 year old Mac! A one year old pc which although powerful is more tailored for work and I also use it on my oneplus6 and on my Samsung galaxy Tab. Knowing I can jump on from anywhere and from any device is amazing! They are also launching a new box this month so I can’t wait!


but I didn’t have to click on steam or open it myself was my point


So got me little steam link box and…it does work! Not that I ever doubted you lot :wink:
All up and running within 10mins, with bluetooth keyboard (new, mechanical and rather lovely) and mouse.

Quite impressed with the gameplay, even though currently playing via wi-fi (waiting for some flat cables to come through). All pretty smooth with hardly any lag. Looking forward to testing with the cable.

Also now need a little laptop table or something similar for the keyboard and mouse, as my knees can’t quite do the squatting next to the coffee table any more


As a PC user why wouldn’t you want to use steam? Steam is great.


in my bedroom i just screwed a old laptop to backside off tv
and use remote keyboard with touch-pad maggyver style
same set up with tower in living room

these things are just invented to lay down in a couch and play boundless cant say its good for hunting but for building and general stuff its awesome and to chat off coarse i think this would be wat ps4 should use to play boundless
@catfud fits perfect on ya coffee table and doesnt take up all that space a oldscool mouse and keyboard does
im also about to test a new brand that makes same thing i can let ya know if it any good :smile:


Steam controller works great, I have even made auto walk/ Auto-mine and auto grapple (Grapples and reels in then re grapples at your look location while button is held down) bindings for it. I much prefer it sometimes to a mouse for this game. Plus I can still play from the couch while on a PC


haven’t tried it since beta and back then it was messed up
def gonna have a new look at it but atm my keyboard thingy is awesome and fits perfect in my lap
i use it laying down did not test sitting in couch
cuase everybody knows not to touch my spot :smile:


Haven’t got a steam controller but I did used to play wow with a wireless xbox controller via couch or exercise bike, while using a load of combos (and dual boxing) but now favour the keyboard/mouse the last few years and especially when building in this game.
Maybe I should try again. Did buy a xbox elite controller when it first came out and hardy use it…


snap! have the same model (not snazzy yellow though). It is handy (I put some small magnets on back and have attached to pc case for emergency typing :stuck_out_tongue:).