Steam original game key

Not sure if this is the place to post. I havent touched this game in years, and I just recieved a mail with my “Wayfarer” key. When trying to add it to Steam, it says I need the original game key. When I first backed this game in 2014 it wasnt on Steam, so how do I go about finding my key?

Please PM me your original email address and I’ll be able to dig it out.


Ok, I cant for the life of me find how to PM, sorry. Where do I find it?

Click on James’ avatar and in popup there is message button

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Hit James’s avatar there, and there’s a button for that

Edit: nvm, too slow!


Am I blind?

Ok, thats wierd. Maybe I have missed some verification or such. Gonna look around.

I’m not sure if you have that permission yet, maybe you need 10 posts or something


or may be @James just PMs you to open up a conversation :wink: