Steam Reviews: Very Positive


Looks like the Steam reviews have turned very positive! If you play this game and haven’t already, be sure to post a review in steam.


Nice to see, just left my own review.


yeah my review got some replys and questions its helpfull for the game :smile:


Thanks for the reminder to review the game. Totally spaced until now! Just wrote a glowing review.


i seen you pretty new thanks for review if ya have hard time finding an item come find me in aquatopia or on forum and ill give ya some :smile:
or come join our town :smile:


Moebius is the man! Hooked me up with a shop portal in Aqua.


Yea @the-moebius is like a God to new players, swooping in and giving them homes and supplies and helping them get set up. lol


@MrGamer117 mrgamer got leveled today i plot top section fountain now keep it quit cant plot them all higher lolz


Would like to take you up on that offer. Will be in game later this evening - I took a look around Aquatopia yesterday was a nice city.


For an EA title, it has a lot to it, including a lot of depth. It just lacks any holding power, as pretty much all there is to do in the game that has any kind of permanent effect is build.


Boundless is an EA title?


Early Access, not Electronic Arts. :stuck_out_tongue:


You scared me


man aquatopia has lots to do we are working hard to become capital and need all the help we can get


Yea and there is the Garden District at Aquatopia, that has yet to actually run an event, all we need is some more people to show interest in joining the District and then to get together to do group mining and hunting.


sounds good but i want to run the place as a whole so we included the residents in city center to havent had time yet to list who lives there
but i think we gonna need your project pretty soon maybe clubhouse can serve for garden district but your project for the entire empire maybe we colab on making this build our first event if you down for it we can build it together
with the hole empire(i know empire is a big word but im keeping it a man can dream cant he :smile:) oh talking about @MrGamer117 project in garden district
maybe we start by trowing some ideas around in a secondary post or here @MrGamer117 if you up for it you can lead the project as its your idea :smile:
but we cant just jump into it we need a plan


heres some ideas i got
we need some seperated beacons for the message area
and stuff so we can regulate rights to the place
also for the empire more than just leader villagers more designated positions
think off clubhouse but grown up
also we need the center to be a huge meeting rooms
as you made those jump to parts thats would be cool
to have seperate building for this we can all chip in some plots
some thoughts guys? :smile:


also nobody can link the nice build by @photodylan to the empire without his permission i dont want us linking in builds without permission i hate rulez but this is gonna be one sorry lol


Dont worry, I can take on the burden of being the emperor. No sweat, you guys just sit back and enjoy my orders. Rejoice, for thy emperor hath cometh.


lol i would prefer a democratie but we can have an emperor thats taken out off power but is still there like the queen off england lolz offcoarse he will have some butlters to cook him steak and a castle maybe but decision will be made by vote i think we also need a don off the underground a wicked buisiness man
that provide gem bow loans for those who need it fast but have no money
and then have to pay double back hehe