Steam sale?

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Do you think boundless will go on sale the summer sale?? i really wanna get this game but 40$ is to much for me right now.

I don’t think so. It’s still in Early-Access and I don’t think they like to sell off the product already.

okay :confused: really wanna play this it looks so fun

It’s awesome and totally worth it if you do eventually have the money. Plus you’ll be supporting the development. :slight_smile:


While I agree with DBT after buying and playing the game for around 100 hours now, I do think the current price is keeping many interested players from buying. It is priced high for an EA game, compared to most EA releases, which are $20-$30. I’m no marketing expert, but if more players is what the team wants, a sale would definitely help that IMHO. I held off for nearly two years, largely due to the price, but also concerns of whether or not the game would survive early on. I now think this will be a big success! Plus there are only 301 reviews on Steam currently, with an overall result of mixed. Anyone that enjoys the game, go and give it a positive review to help encourage support. So much to explore and discover in terms of blocks, mobs and different biomes & worlds. Not to mention what is coming down the pipes with Titans, player progression/sklls and more. Hopefully also a re-work of block rotation and placement. I think I’m currently a minority on that point, but suspect as more players join this will get brought up more. It’s not horrible atm, but room for improvement. :wink:


i agree, also my birthday is coming up soon so hopefully i can get some money to buy the game :slight_smile: and even if my pc cant run it, i can always refund it aslong as my playtime is under 2 hours

erm… better check in advance if you can run it or ask here if you are not certain before you spend the money imho. It’s a fuzz going through refund…

Yea i know! I have already asked if i can run it and they said on low settings i should be good so :thumbsup:

This is just my opinion, Boa, but I think the developers are keeping it high on purpose. They don’t want people to buy it without thinking it through and then get frustrated because it’s not what they expected. If I were in their shoes, this is what I would be doing. I agree completely that it’s keeping a lot of people from buying it, but that’s got its on perks right now. The developers are highly interactive and receptive with people’s input right now. If there are too many people in the game, they won’t be able to have the same level of involvement with everybody. One last thing, if they get the game to the point where it’s good enough that a bunch of people are dropping $40 on it even though it’s not at 1.0 yet, they will know they have a success. This comes with the added benefit of stress testing servers at the critical time before 1.0 release naturally.