Steam Subtitle (and Forum Indicator)

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Relatively simple* suggestion, I think.

A low polling (ie. not necessarily accurate to the second - maybe minute? 5 minutes?) ping of the player’s current location in-game to be sent (if they enable it) to any and all connected platforms.

So on Steam, it’ll say that Mad_Man_Moon is playing Boundless, but the subtitle will be “… on Sochaltin I” or something.

Similarly, a small part of one’s forum profile/mini-profile will show if the player is online and where. :slight_smile:

I don’t know or care how discord works, but I’m sure that folks might mention something about that technically disconnected platform otherwise … anyway, yeah … that’s all.

As per usual, muting/unfollowing/ignoring thread, as it’s just a suggestion, and I really don’t need to discuss it.

*as in, the premise


I know some people may/may not want this. I’d personally dig it.

Aye. It’s just a casual thought, but it feels like a quality of life thing that I’d like. I never want to play half the games I see my friends playing, but I really like knowing that Tom is “…in orbit” or whatever. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah … I know I said I’d not come back, but I was bored, and looking for that chemical for my brain to feel nice.

Anyway, yeah … if it’s an option that you have to turn on (not that is default turned on)… then I can’t see why anyone would be one of those weird angry interneters about it. :smirk:

((( ok. definitely not coming back now. :sweat_smile: )))

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I do like that destiny 2 says the “in orbit” and such. I wish it said so on discord, too.