Steam workshop after 1.0

I just read the “how a 20-person team makes an epic game” topic and think it would be a pretty cool idea if players could make weapons, armors, props etc. and upload them to the steam workshop. The creations with the most votes would be added to the game (maybe every month some of them). There would be a reason to come back every month and much content would be added without too much work for the devs :slight_smile:
would this work @ben @james ?


In addition to this, they could be shared for use in any disconnected, moddable servers.

Yeah. player created content is always worth keeping an eye on, was also discussed for blocks. as long as it is kept as player created that needs to be approved rather than allowing everybody to download everything.

Oh yes definitely. Anything that is available through the main, connected servers should need to go through a proper approval process. I don’t really want to see people running around with phallic shaped weapons.

We definitely want to make it simple for people to extend and add additional content to the game. As @Zouls says we need to be careful where we draw the line between the MMO and standalone / modded worlds. But providing our tools, the toolchain and a range of source assets (to mod) is definitely part of the plan.


i definitely agree(it would be like csgo in a way) but if too much is brought in the game could get over saturated. i don’t like over saturation!

i think game called Planet Side 2 have this kind of system, seems to work really well.