Steampunk Skyship Project - Buying materials

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So i just need lots of wood :slight_smile:

  • Buying 5 smartstacks (891) of Lusturious Trunks (Therka/Solum/Berlyn/Vena V) - 2700coins/smartstack (3c/1pc)
  • Buying 1 smartstacks of Twisted Trunks (MunteenVII) - 2700coins/smartstack
  • Coal: 5c(soft) 15c(medium) 50c(hard)

Compact peat?

I don’t exactly know it’s spark value.

300 spark per compact peat

Dude I’ve been wanting to make something steampunk since the beginning. I can’t wait to see this complete. :heart_eyes:


Rumor is, your ship might even be able to fly one day using ancient titan technology :wink:


That is so weird, I was literally thinking about building a steampunk airship. But you will do a better job off it anyways lol

Building such ship is quite expenisive. This one will take probably 150-250 plots if not more. If you want to build a ship feel free to start building :slight_smile:
btw there is always a space for steam-punk buildings in my new settlement :wink: but it’s all up to you where you build your projects ofc :smiley:

What planet and what location are you building this glorious piece of tech? I’d love to build a steampunk building close by. I’m planning on opening some portal spots that lead to my star shop.

I was only thinking of doing it. Probably wont tough.