Stone info

Where i can finde the Gray stone from the side?

If you mean the stone on the left and right of the picture, that’s actually the same purple stone you see a little towards the center from the edges, lighting just makes it look grey. It’s Refined Igneous Rock. Put Igneous Rock in a Crafting Table and make Igneous Stones. Then put the Igneous Stones into a Refinery and you can make Refined Igneous Rock. If that’s not the stone you’re referring to, apologies. Please specify.

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thanks, i think this is gray all the time :sweat_smile:
and the stone under the charater? :S

Thats machined iron. Put 10 iron in your compacter then put the compact iron in your workbench to make machined iron. You can do this with any mettle.

behind the iron :DD

Oops. Its compact soft coal.

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Tahnk u :slight_smile: :heart:

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