Storage and Banks

First I’ll start with storage. My idea has several parts, a machine that uses storage blocks as storage that you can access everything from all at once, able to be filtered/sorted, and search for specific things, possibly loadouts, deposit all option etc.

This would NOT eliminate the need for warehouses/storage rooms and your storage blocks, you need that space for the machine to work, let me explain.

It would work similarly to spark machines in so far as use of a thing like spark links to connect already existing storage blocks by these links to the machine, adding it to your ‘bank’ of goods. It’s possible to use fuel for it to make it something like portals that requires fueling to use the convenience of though if it expired all your stuff is in your storage blocks like normal like it already is. This bank is accessible only to the plot owner.

Now, this is also something interesting to have in other settlements, player run banks. Another reason other than shops to go to another person’s settlement. (Which I have plenty of other ideas about, so I’m sure I’ll post again about other ideas in a separate topic lol but I digress.)

First, these banks would need a full set of storage blocks connected and allow players to flip through their bank by page, no need for 5000 storage containers for a public bank.

Second fueled possibly

Third they would allow players to withdraw from their bank only on their home planet(for free?), possibly move things between planets for a fee of some sort, deposit goods on another planet to their bank and move it for free or for a fee home or once they get to their home bank.

Fourth after a player sets up a bank/warehouse for themselves they can access it anywhere a ‘public bank’ setup is made even their own.

None of this is concrete and I’d love to see any tweaks or further suggestions I’m really excited about all the ideas having to do with more player autonomy, and more reason to visit people’s settlements more money for footfall etc. (:

Feel free to add your own tweaks I’ll add the possibilities below:

  • Limiting factor to Banks (One per settlement), Prestige locked (reach a certain threshold) -Suggestions from FlippityFloop

  • Settlement needs to have existed for a certain amount of time to create a bank - Strekalis (off forum suggestion)

  • Possibly new skills for specialized ‘businesses’ (includes bank)


A solid first post, welcome to the forums!

The bank would have to be quite expensive to own and operate so that the ability to access storage anywhere doesn’t become too frivolous. How about for a “Bank” machine to function the settlement in which it is located has to have a prestige threshold? Or requiring a specific amount of “valuable” blocks be placed in the beacon? I feel like reaching “City” status (6.5m prestige) is a reasonable barrier. And only one bank per settlement.

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I like the idea of walking off the ability but I think I’d prefer to have to fuel the machine somehow, rather than not to be able to craft it until a certain point

Thanks haha I sorta came on here because I’ve got a lot of ideas, though I’ve been lurking while not logged in for awhile.

I agree it needs a limiting factor, possibly more restrictive even, whether new shop owner skills, settlement prestige, fuel, or a combo of the above lol. I’ll add that to the considerations (:

I think it should be accessible, but like an aim to be able to run. Prestige unlocks could be interesting, add some depth to the system.

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I agree, I think there’s a happy medium to be had here, prestige might not be so bad, maybe a town and above? Outposts for example probably wouldn’t have a bank. Though I think either fuel or a stash of wealth in the public ‘bank’ (sorta like how money is backed by gold haha) would work well. Gem powered would be interesting lol.

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